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First Official Email. Hooray!

Hello my friends!
Made it to my first P-day. Or, as our zone leader, Elder Orr, calls it, "the Sabbath". And no one was offended ever.
The MTC is truly something else. I've taken to describing it as a mutant hybrid of Hogwarts and Starfleet. But, you know, with the Spirit.
Really though, the spirit here is so strong. It's kind of incredible. I think part of that has to do with my district. They are such a phenomenal bunch of guys. As cliche as it is to say, we really are like family now. Honestly, we were like family by day two or three. I love them all dearly. I'm convinced we have the best district in the MTC. The bond is so strong, and we're all so driven and dedicated. We all work really hard and want to succeed, but we also have some pretty raucous laughter. The extremes of great spiritual maturity and staggering literal immaturity is truly something to behold. We really are like brothers.
Every day is pretty busy. There's always somewhere to be and…

A short email!

This morning at 9:50 am I got this short email:

I'm Still Alive

I've made it through two days at the MTC; going for three.

Today we're being taught how to use the computers, so we are allowed to send one quick email of a reassuring nature right now.

My P-day is on Tuesday, and it is then that I will be given an hour to email you guys properly.

I love you dearly, and cannot wait for what our zone leader Elder Orr calls 'the sabbath besides the sabbath'.

PS- please look into

Dropped off at the MTC

Today at 12:45 Tyler reported to the MTC in Provo.  We made a quick stop at the In-n-Out Burger in Orem first.  Needless to say, saying goodbye was hard.  We love you, Ty and wish you all of the luck and blessings in the world!! xoxo

Write to Elder Harrah at the MTC!!
He will be in Provo until September 29th (much easier to send letters and packages there!)
Elder Tyler Hudson Harrah Sep 29 TAHI-PAP 2005 N. 900 E. Unit 3 Provo, UT 84602


Thank you to everybody who came to Tyler's farewell today.  It was a great time, and he said he felt loved.  Stay tuned for more exciting news from the MTC later this week!