First Official Email. Hooray!

Hello my friends!

Made it to my first P-day. Or, as our zone leader, Elder Orr, calls it, "the Sabbath". And no one was offended ever.

The MTC is truly something else. I've taken to describing it as a mutant hybrid of Hogwarts and Starfleet. But, you know, with the Spirit.

Really though, the spirit here is so strong. It's kind of incredible. I think part of that has to do with my district. They are such a phenomenal bunch of guys. As cliche as it is to say, we really are like family now. Honestly, we were like family by day two or three. I love them all dearly. I'm convinced we have the best district in the MTC. The bond is so strong, and we're all so driven and dedicated. We all work really hard and want to succeed, but we also have some pretty raucous laughter. The extremes of great spiritual maturity and staggering literal immaturity is truly something to behold. We really are like brothers.

Every day is pretty busy. There's always somewhere to be and something to do. We spend around 12 hours studying every day; whether that be the language, the scriptures (or as we've taken to calling them, "creatures" - from the French word for scriptures, ecritures), Preach My Gospel, the likes.

The group of Tahiti-bound missionaries before us had to stay in the MTC for 12 weeks! Thankfully we only have to be here for six. However, the missionaries before us learned both French and Tahitian, six weeks of each, but we're only learning French and a smidgen of Tahitian here and there. The rest of it we'll have to pick up in the field. This is both curse and blessing, as you can see. My French is coming back from its two-year gap and coming along quite well. I'm one of the best in the district, I'd say. It was pretty insane to, by day three, have to teach an entire lesson in French. I felt so bad for the people who knew virtually nothing. We're learning so much though, and so quickly. It's really amazing. The gift of tongues is real, man.

Truth be told, there are things I miss about home, but this isn't so hard. The MTC is not too shabby. Really though, I just want to get out there. I mean, yeah I've still got lots to learn, but, frankly, I'm just ready to be in Tahiti.

Perhaps my favorite experience thus far was when we were teaching our investigator for the third time and we asked him if he would commit to baptism. I was actually able to understand him saying that he liked us and the church but wanted to wait to learn more, and then I was able to respond intelligently. It was so great.

That's all for this week folks. Love you all like crazy. Keep the faith.

Elder Harrah


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