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Explaining a Thrift Shop to a Tahitian--Week 53

Ia ora na tatou from Tahiti - the land where I saw Kelly Slater today

This week we got the Standard of Excellence again, and it was 26 lessons again. Who knew man? We worked REALLY hard to get that this week though. This week was kinda tough. We had lots of people cancel, but we worked super hard anyways. We even met the challenge set by President Bize to get 12 member lessons (we got 15!) (also, President sets challenges from time to time to push the missionaries).
Other than that, I'd say the most noteworthy thing was what happened today - we went to the Billabong Pro! After narrowly missing it when I first came on a mission, we went and saw it today. Check that one off the bucket list. We pull up in our boat, and who's the guy standing on the boat literally right next to us? Kelly. Slater. I could not believe it. And no lie, HE WAVED TO ME. SPECIFICALLY. Absolutely nuts.
And as a bonus - this week we were helping this innactive family in our ward build their house, and as we d…

Hump Day! August 18, 2016

Hi Everyone!  This is Ty's mom here to mark this special occasion with a special post.  I am so excited that today is the half-way point of Ty's mission!  One year ago today, I never thought I would make it this far!  Sending Ty off on a mission was one of the hardest things I've ever done.  But because we know that this church is true, we put our faith in the Lord and we DO IT!  Don't get me wrong, I have loved every part of the mission experience except for missing him.  But it's all downhill from here.  Happy Hump Day everyone!

And because I'm his mom, and it's what moms do, here is Ty in August of 2004.  He was 7 years old and  just starting 2nd grade.  I love you T!!

Living on a Prayer-- Week 52

Ia ora na from Papeete everyone!
This week was awesome because we were working hard and got the Standard of Excellence! This is the first time I've had it in like 7+ months, so it feels really good. We got 26 lessons this last week. We've been doing some really good work.
Lessons at the temple might still be my favorite though. We've got a couple fixed this week that I'm really excited for.
Not a whole much else to say though, other than I'm enjoying life and I love my new companions (we live with our zone leaders and it's pretty awesome. We're going to take a "family photo" soon haha).
Halfway there, Elder Harrah
-Davis -not gonna lie, I enjoy this quite a bit -seeing old friends again
-Poirier looks accidentally stoned -Erptimus Prime

The Reset Button-- Week 51

NOTE: It is recommended that you read this email whilst listening to the Elder Smith/Elder Brown classic "Big City Life" by Mattafix.

Ia ora na tatou from Papeete - the City That Never Sleeps! ... sort of.
To be honest, I feel like I've started my mission all over again. Frankly every transfer I've had (all two of them), has felt this way. The Presqu'ile is nothing like Tahiti in general, the Marquises was literally another island, and now I'm in like a real city. In Toahotu I was learning how to speak in general, in the Marquises I was really honing my French (as they speak so much more French there) with some Marquisian, but now I have to learn an entirely new language - Frenchitian. I literally found myself not understanding what people were saying again, and I've been on a mission for 11+ months now. I was not amused. And of course, after seven months of dealing with people of one mentality, I'm now in a sector dealing with people of a completely di…

Following in the Steps of My Marquisian Ancestors-- Week 50

Ka oha nui for possibly the last time from the Marquises (I'm still holding out for my becoming an assistant and choosing my last sector) - un endroit vraiment sp├ęciale, qui change la vie.

As with other Marquisian Elders who have gone before me (Elder Heno, Elder Poirier), I am to be transferred "en ville" to Papeete 1; a sector where I will be serving at the visitor's center of the temple. I had always said how I'd like to serve there (in an attempt to see all aspects of missionary work and life), and I suppose this is my chance.
I am very lucky, as this time around the boat was here right on time (we put my stuff on it this morning and it gets to Tahiti on Friday), and I'm not leaving until Thursday. This gives me a bit of time to say goodbye, and I am very grateful that such is the case, as it isn't always like that.
I'm excited to keep moving forward and to meet new people to serve, but at the same time this is a little gut-wrenching. It sort of feel…