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Sometimes You Have Got to Bleed to Know--Week 67

After all the stress of last week, my motto for this week was zen and peace. My goal was to not let stuff wreck me if it went wrong, to just focus on our people, and to give myself fun things to look forward to. The house goal has since been to do at least one awesome thing each night when we get back.
Monday - went to Mahina and shot some of my movie!
Tuesday - went and got pastries from the pastry shop across the street, started cutting footage for the movie, lost a bunch of footage (it's a long story), but then was able to restore some of it. Then that night we met this crazy American/Tahitian that didn't really speak French or English whose parents met on the set of Mutiny On The Bounty (the Marlon Brando movie). His dad worked for MGM and his mom was a dancer. Great story.
Wednesday - went on a split with Elder Hanson to help Herelani's dad (my Tahitian is still lacking, but Elder Hanson's is really good). He started reading the Book of Mormon before we'd eve…

A Bit Stressed-- Week 66

This week was a hard week.
We got so much temple stuff done though! The entire Faa'a stake showed up Saturday morning for a bunch of presentations. We did four presentations in two groups, and a couple Presidents (Bize included) came and spoke. It went from 9:00 am until like 1:00 in the afternoon. And once all that was done somebody's little kid clogged a toilet and flooded our bathroom. Elder Hanson and I were the ones that cleaned it up (we're always cleaning up after people honestly).
The two baptisms we fixed the other week are named Georges and Christine, but we had to push back their baptismal date unfortunately (that's what we get for trying to do it to early I suppose). Then this other lady we were trying to baptize just gave up on us, so that was frustrating as well. At least we'll be baptizing this girl named Herelani this weekend. Her family is super sweet. We hope to baptize her dad next.
I'm trying really hard to just hang on for the moment. I…

Right After My Mission I'm Going Straight Back to the Marquises--Week 65

Frankly the most interesting thing I have to write about is what's happening over there with you guys...
I didn't care about this upcoming election. I was trying to rest in my blissful cloud of ignorance, or rather, just stay focused on my work and the Lord, but alas, no one saw fit to grant me this humble wish. The night of the elections, the house where we were eating dinner at was watching it on TV like it was the Superbowl. I really wish no one cared, but this whole thing has been like the best long-running sitcom since basically Seinfeld.
I pulled up to a red light, and said hi to a random guy I didn't know sitting in the car next to me. The guy asks me, "Are you American?" I respond affirmatively. "How do you like your new president?"
I literally called this from the beginning. Okay maybe not the beginning, but since the Marquises at least.
That first sentence was kind of a lie. I do have more interesting things to talk about.
There's a S…

Most Boring Week I've Ever Written About-- Week 64

You guys I have next to nothing to say.
Tuesday - We worked. That was it.
Wednesday - I was supposed to take a driving test to certify me for driving manual, but it didn't happen. The guy just never showed up. I'll be doing that this week.
Thursday - Conseil des Dirigeant again! We had a couple new leaders there so we took a new picture. I'll try to get that along as soon as possible. We also had really good pizza.
Friday - Worked a lot on my temple video. Organized a calendar and an actor/scene sheet, and will be going in to talk with President about even more details this Thursday.
Saturday - Decided to tighten up the loose bits of obedience in our companionship...
Sunday - ... and literally fixed two more baptisms!
Church is true, the book is blue... (I won't finish this)

Hope everyone has a good week! Elder Harrah

we're going to go do a service project now... hope everyone has a good week!
-on Halloween we went to McDonald's 5 times throughout the day. I got their pum…

Picture Post!! Week 63.2

-Elders Lo'Amanu and Bradshaw

-our album cover

-this couple saw us at a red light and beckoned us into a pastry shop just to buy us a treat. Definitely a pleasant surprise

-family home evening in the zone

-ward party

-are they allowed to sell this?

-the only picture from the Papeari road trip

-the farewell to Elledge and Lloyd