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Title Goes Here--Week 88

This week went by really fast, despite some really crappy days. Highlight of the week was going to the temple with our ward. Doing baptisms for the dead with our new converts was super special. We even got to help them do their genealogy. We were there for the whole process and it was very inspiring. Made me want to actually do genealogy. Second lowest point was having our marriage/baptism for this weekend get pushed back. They still want to get baptized, but they're not so sure about marriage. And then then some bad things happened to the mom's brother and his sister. Unreal...
Lowest point is today. I just heard the news about Daniel Kaminsky. My deepest condolences to his family. My prayers go out to you all. He was a good man and a great teacher who respected me and treated me as an equal in all i did, especially in terms of acting and film making, and who was always willing to help me out no matter what the situation was. I'm still very grateful for his confidence in…

"If you succeed with your testimony, you'll succeed throughout all your life."--Week 87

This week was a challenge. Transfers happened, and the first week here for my companion, and it was super hard. People that had never cancelled before cancelled. Investigators hit trials that they've never hit before. Lots of tears were shed. It was the first time I've had to do contacting in months! And don't worry it was horrible and everyone hated us. I felt like I'm going to be damned because this lady got really offended by something I said and told us to leave.

Luckily we had some good stuff that happened this week. Like, Friday, there was an activity at the beach with a whole bunch of traditional food (I ate maybe the biggest piece of fafaru on this Earth, and I stuffed it all in my mouth on one go because that's what my cohorts challenged me to do), and then we had Fetiarava's baptism and a wedding in Paopao all in the same day. Elder Davis came down from Orovini for the marriage, so we all got to run into one another again. Saturday was another activit…

I Should've Taken Better Notes-- Week 86

this week is a blur right now. we're dealing with transfers and I'm super tired and hungry. up till late, got up early, all the good stuff. I'm currently on the iPad of a member of another ward sitting with a missionary that's not my companion.
Tuesday work i guess.
Wednesday in our English class we talked about parts of the body, and we played/sang "head shoulders knees and toes" and everybody about died laughing. good stuff. also, did interviews with President over the phone, tried to see if Elder Jordan could stay (all three of our fixed baptisms want him to baptize them). he basically said we'll see. Thursday Woooooork.  so much of it.
Friday the transfer calls came when Jordan was in the shower. when he heard the phone go off, he hurried and hopped out to hear it, but by the time he had, he'd missed it. we took a screenshot of that call's run-time. Elder Jordan is going to Outumaoro; a sector on Tahiti that just had around 15 baptisms in the…

"Do you think you're important? No! You're a man, you're ugly, so I didn't answer the phone."--Week 85

Ia ora na people.
Today is the last Monday before the transfer, so we went out to the motu again, and went out on this random hike/walk thing up to some water basins. It was pretty fun.
I'll try my best to recap the last couple weeks:
Monday, March 13 quote from our family home evening, "Without the gospel, life is nothing."
Tuesday, Mar 14 a crazy quote from a crazy lady we taught, "I love a couple that fights each other. If we don't fight... we don't progress/advance."
Wednesday, Mar 15 We taught our investigators that will be baptized on April 28, Raimanu and Tamara, the law of chastity. That's about it.
Thursday, Mar 16 We got a new investigator from our DMP; Soeur Vahinehau's aunt, Margarite. She's very nice and will most surely be getting baptized pretty soon.
Friday, Mar 17 The emergency transfer was going down, so after work we spent a bit of time with the Elders of Paopao.
Saturday, Mar 18 played soccer at 6 a.m. (again, at Paopao …