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Parties-- Week 45

Ka oha nui from the Marquesas once again - the land where I finally got better from being sick, but it sort of killed our week.

This week we didn't have a whole ton of success in terms of lessons. Like, at all. Between me being sick and all our regulars cancelling, we ended up with less than 10 lessons; something I've had yet to do on a mission. It's been super discouraging. Still no word on our trip out to Ua Pou and Ua Huka. I guess it'll be some time in July (despite all this partying).
Speaking of parties, that's about all that's happened this week. The Catholics hosted this crazy jubilee where a bunch of people from Ua Pou and Ua Huka came and sang and danced, and there was more food there than I've ever seen in one place in my entire life. Probably.
... and that's truly all I have to write about this week. It was honestly really long and kind of lame in terms of work.

Love to everyone, Tumu Hakako Harrah
-this pill looks like Dr. Mario. Or for those of …

Eventful--Week 44

Ka oha nui from the Marquises - where I'm running out of titles and not-so-witty jokes for these emails.

This week was, as I said, eventful.
On Tuesday, we went and worked down on the docks. Kevin and Soeur Ellis had a really full day and needed a bit of extra help, and Davis and I are not ones to turn down a service project. We helped bring in a bunch of boxes that Kevin had ordered (ice cream ordered for the shop, navigation books, tanks of fuel, a new printer, the likes).
On Wednesday, we had a day where everyone kept their appointment, and everybody read the scriptures we gave them! It was truly a miracle. They were all really quality lessons, and two of them were with Catherine and Suzanne just to make things better. They're progressing a bit more now than before!
On Thursday, the universe was like, "What? You guys can't have success," and I was struck with what we found out later was the zycca (Zika) virus. This was the worst day of it. I like couldn't even…

Day 300--Week 43

Ka oha nui from the Marquises - the land where "#thirdworldproblems" could actually be a social media phrase.

I honestly don't have that much to say for this week. I'm really having trouble remembering it. Things are still moving slowly with work. No word on Catherine and Elaida. We had a really great lesson with Suzanne and Carl though, and a really special moment when they opened up to us and were super honest. They said that if they lived in a bigger country they'd already be in our church. It's just that it's so small out here. Everyone is family. EVERYONE. And they see everything that you do, always, at all times. The gossip is really harsh. And if you leave the Catholic faith you risk seriously and extensively losing your loved ones and close friends. This was obviously something we had a general idea of, but hearing them talking about it personally and just how honest it was was really special to me. I really like that family, and I really hope I c…

Another Week Bites the Dust-- Week 42

Ka oha nui as usual from the Marquesas - the land where we went fishing today, so who knows how long this email will be.

This week none of the investigators I wrote about worked out at all really (Catherine is going to take a bit more work than I thought, Suzanne still moves slowly, and we've still got to see Elaida again), but despite that, it was a pretty good week. We honestly just had a lot of fun. Literally no appointments worked out like ever, so we've been getting creative. We played a lot more sports this week, and kicked some serious trash and earned some serious respect from all the teenagers. No lie, Saturday when we were walking down main street, there was a party going on on the basketball/volleyball court, and EVERYBODY waved to us. It was great! And we knew them all from one time we played soccer. It's crazy, but people actually kind of like us now and wave to us. It's a pleasant change.
Apart from that I can't think of much else that happened. Honestl…