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"no guilt in life, no fear in death. this is the power of Christ in me."-- Week 93

What a long week! Well, it went kind of quickly, but each day was so long. So much to do, despite so many people cancelling. We have so many people to see right now. Super blessed.
Highlights of the week were rushing to get our baptism figured out by the end of the week (getting the interview done, finishing the last few lessons) and Frazer showing up.
Once upon a time, Elder Simon Michael Frazer from the island of Santo, Vanuatu served in the sector of Haapiti with Elder Jordan's dad; Elder Lasson. He was there for a while and got pretty popular in both Haumi and Haapiti, and when a little girl at Haumi wanted him to baptize her, he couldn't say no, and Kahealany (our baptism) had always wanted Frazer to baptize her, and, well, you get the rest... taxi driver.
Let it be known, Frazer is my hero. He showed up and engaged a bunch of our investigators like nobody's business. No fear. And yet this is the same guy who caught cats and killed birds with Elder Lasson. I don'…

Nothing. REALLY.--Week 92

This week was an even bigger blur than the last one! I really can't even remember what happened. We've just been working hard every single day.
Raimanu's younger sister, Kahealany, is one of our fixed baptisms right now, and she was supposed to get baptized this last weekend, but it was decided that she wasn't quite ready. We want to work on her testimony a little bit more first.
The other fixed baptisms right now are Junior and Tekau (the couple from Paopao that Elder Davis had taught before), but they're having a hard time sticking to their date. They've been putting off lessons too, and now she's sick. I just wish we could actually get a chance to see them to help them out, but there you go.
Craziest thing that happened this week was the transfer. No one on Moorea is moving. But that being said - this transfer is only three weeks long! Ladies and genltemen, President and Soeur Bize are actually going home on June 11/12, and that's when President Fox…

Father of the Bride--Week 91

(this is funny because our investigator's dad wasn't there; it was her step-dad)
We did so much work this week! I know everyone's probably getting super tired of hearing me say that, but it's true. There aren't anymore new cultural stories really, it's just missionary work now, and the craziest being the two baptisms and the wedding we had this weekend. Raimanu and Tamara had pushed back their wedding from the 28th of April, but now they couldn't be better. Their whole relationship is doing better now, and seeing them at church in their new clothes this last Sunday couldn't have been better.
We also went to support this innactive member at the Tiki Village (it's where he works) and we saw this traditional marriage ceremony thing that they do for the tourists there. It was pretty fun. There was even a small gallery of Paul Gaugain's paintings.

Zone Conference

A book of matches

Also, I found a zapper.

Hanging with Soeur Johnson and her family.

Lamb and Beans; "Humility is Better Than Wisdom" #Moorea IsTheNewBora--Week 90

This was a crazy week.
-On Tuesday, we watched the Joseph Smith movie with some of our investigators, and I was kind of chuckling to myself and zoning out during the movie (I know it word for word now), but all of a sudden I just got sucked right back into it and was starting to tear up, right at the First Vision. The spirit was so strong. And then later that day, we went to go see this guy that we met on the street that I thought was not really interested and that I didn't think would even be there that day, and we did the first lesson with him. He listened to every word that we said, asked immediately if he could pray to know if what we said was true, and even had the faith to ask us to "say a prayer to heal him". We explained how blessings work, gave him one (150% not me speaking), and then he just cried and hugged us a bunch. Now he's a super potential investigator. Really special experiences. Church is true man.
-Two weeks ago, at the baptism of Fetiara…

How Can You Really?--Week 89

Last week I had like taken notes because I was determined to write a good lengthy email, but then I lost all desire to do that. This week I took no notes and was just lazy. Quel ├ęchec (what a fail).
This week was a cookie-cutter of the last ones though. We did all the same stuff. Craziest news is probably about Fetiarava's dad. He engaged himself to be baptized in less than a week. His baptism is fixed for this weekend. We haven't even taught the Word of Wisdom yet! If all goes well, we should be having three baptisms this weekend (one excommunicated, one that we didn't even teach that the couple at Paopao got for us, and then Marcellino), three the next weekend (the couple that was supposed to get married on the 28th and then the guy's little sister), and then two the week after that (another couple who'll get married). Moorea is a baptizing machine.
Oh but we did have a zone conference this last week and that went super well. An old mission president from Austra…