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Double Digits (week 10)

Hi Everyone-

Yet another week passes in its splendor!
I was so thankful to finally be back to missionary work and not be sick, and the Lord saw fit to welcome me back with plenty to do, and lots of rain. I couldn't have been happier.
We've had some really incredible lessons, and I've really grown as a teacher. I'm really learning how to recognize the spirit at every moment and act on promptings. My love for the people has only continued to grow every day. I care so much about our investigators, and can feel the Savior's love for them so strongly. There's this one lady named Lorenza who's really special to me. She's got lots of problems and it's a rough situation, but that just makes me want to work so hard to help her through all of them. There's a lot of tribulation in her life, and I want nothing more than to give her peace and have her feel of the love of God, so that's what I work so hard to do in every lesson.
There's also this oth…

Getting Better Week 9

Hey everyone. Not a whole ton to report this week. I've still been recovering. Bronchitis is gone, but I've still got a bit of infection in my lungs. That's going away super quickly though thanks to this shot I've been getting each day... in the waste/butt. Ugh. Classy. I was able to get to one lesson though. We taught this really old couple who only spoke Tahitian (luckily their daugther was there to translate for us) about repentance. It was cool because I was able to contribute way more than I thought I'd be able to. We were using the Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet to help us teach, and I remembered a box of text from there that I read in the MTC that was super powerful, so I was able to share that. And I knew the first verse of Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief in Tahitian from the MTC, so we were able to sing that with them at the end of our lesson. It was way cool. I'm also growing more confident in my French, especially this night we ate at the executive sec…

Still Sick! Week 8

Hello Everyone.

Firstly, an item of business - if I have lots of typos, know it's not because I'm losing my English to French, it's because I'm on a French computer that puts like every English word as a typo, so my emails are all basically made of red, so it's harder for me to catch errors. Now, that being said, on to business.

A few things I forgot from last week:
- My name means "sin" in Tahitian. At least, it does when it's pronounced Hah-rah, which is how everybody says it and it's too big of a pain to correct it, so I just go with it. And honestly it gives me a bit of personality and a joke to break the ice, which is good for what I currently lack in French.
- The hardest part of missionary work here is how early everybody goes to bed. The sun sets at like 6 here, so that's when everybody goes to bed. You can't really schedule a lesson then, so all we can really do is schedule our dinner kind of later and hope for the best and try to …

The First Tahitian P-Day (Week 7)

Bonjour tout le monde!

I finally made it here. And I have many stories to tell.
Firstly, I'm not gonna lie, that flight was kinda long.
Secondly, we are four hours earlier here, and we watched conference live (in English thank goodness). And we live twenty+ minutes away from the church where we watched it, so I'll let you do the math on when we had to get up... My favorite talk was probably D. Todd Christofferson's. He speaks with such power and authority. You can tell he's a man of God.
I'm currently on the main island in an area called Toahotu; nicknamed the "Presqu'ile" (the "almost island"). It is the tiny little patch of land that connects the two fat circles of Tahiti. It's actually a brand new sector (nobody says area) that we're opening! How exciting is that? Elder Sovereign was so kind when he heard that I was opening a new sector and said, "Pfft! I could've told you that." He's so nice.
We've been doin…