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Pomme Poire Williams: "They Coming with Knives, They Coming with Guns"--Week 101

Longest. Week. Thank heaven it's over.
Monday Chilled in this guy's sweet field and hung out with the goats there. It was very tranquil.
Tuesday Work. We were busy from 10 am until clear into the night. We had a lesson every hour! I was grateful to have a full day of work, but at the same time, since I was feeling sick it was just kind of torturous.
Wednesday Same deal. Super busy. Did a service project and helped plant pineapples. They had a lot of them in their field. The bushes that the pineapples grow from actually give forth to baby bushes too, and you just pluck them off the bush as if they were fruit and you plant them and you have more. Weirdest thing.
Thursday A full day as well. The same as yesterday really only replace service project with weekly planning. For a moment we were pedaling our bikes and I just wanted to die. I even sent a text afterwards to Elder Smith and Elder Packer to shoot me with a spear gun. Super worn out. This week was definitely a test in enduring to …

The Email that Shall Not Be Named--Week 100

Went to Tautira and played games for pday. It was everything from soccer to "Signs". Soeur Livu (this sister from Vanuatu) REALLY wanted to play musical chairs and we actually did and it was good clean fun.
Tuesday A very full day. Kind of frustrating. Lots of cancellations. Our DMP moved our coordination meeting with our newly called ward missionaries to this day without telling us, so that ended up being problematic and then he wasn't there.
Wednesday Also rather busy. Our auxillaries are actually showing up for our reactivation and missionary splits ever Tuesday and Wednesday now. It's not perfect, but there's at least two or three people.
Thursday A little more calm. We worked on an activity that we're going to do in August. There's going to be several stations, but the last one is Jeopardy, so we were designing our Jeopardy board and punching in our questions and such.
Friday Went to Mahina's district meeting and then continued onward in…

"What if this is just a Lovely Bones trap?"--Week 99

Monday The shortened p-day. We took the time to plan out this activity that we're going to do for our ward, and went to go do a family home evening that mostly just got cancelled (whoever the investigator was was out drunk)
Tuesday In the morning we went to the temple, and that was quite nourrishing (it felt like years since the last time I'd been), and then we went and had a multi-zone conference with President Fox. It went super well. He shook hands with everybody and took the time to talk to us all a bit. He and Soeur Fox are quite nice. We also went to a funeral in the evening at the Protestant church. Sad deal. It was the mom of my old DMP from Haapiti. It was a nice service though. Everyone was trying to keep their chin up and they sang some fun, loud, Tahitian Protestant hymns with the usual drums and ukeleles.
Wednesday A full day's work. We had lots of lessons today. The best one was definitely with Mereani and Poeiti. They were super shy before, but now they lik…

"I cannot tell you; it's confidential": Who is the mysterious Poire Williams? - an operetta sponsored by Steven R.R. Fox--Week 98

Monday - no motu. the boat didn't work out. we went and ate lunch in this shack on the water instead.
Tuesday - work. Some pretty good lessons. Standard.
Wednesday - The last conference with President Bize! Most nostalgic two hours of my life, surely. All of the hymns were Tahiti classics (this might have been the one time i wasn't angry to hear Secret Prayer). Soeur Bize said some touching things and made everybody tear up (I dunno; I did, at least), and then President Bize tried to keep his lively so people wouldn't get too bummed/down. They're coming to Utah at the end of August for a reunion with all the old missionaries, so I'll/we'll really be seeing them quite soon.
Thursday - got a bad haircut.
Friday - did a rehearsal for our stake missionary choir with the gang after our district meeting, then went to our zone leader's house and fixed my bad haircut. also got churros (i love that churro place) and saw Ravatea and Jesse again (our converts from To…