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The P-Day that Shouldn't Be (February 29) --Week 28

Ka oha nui from the Marquesas - the Land where big things are in the making.

This week we called a new first counselor. It is no longer Elder Abbate, it is someone in the branch, and I'm rather stoked to see what he'll do. I think it'll be good for the branch, and I hope it'll really get things going.
We were visited by the district president, President O'Connor, and he gave a really awesome formation to all the leaders out here, but that absolutely pales in comparison to the news of Elder Pearson (the Area 70 for the PACIFIC) coming in March, WITH President Bize (and this time his wife). I'm kind of freaking out a little.
Apart from that, this week was cool because we finally fixed a baptism! It's a soft fix, but it's a fix. Louis's wife, Michelline, (who was a little lukewarm before), after the blessing we gave her, is feeling uber stoked and has committed to the date we set! Louis is definitely still committed, but he hasn't decided on a date…

Not A Lot This Week- Week 27

Ka oha nui from The Marquesas - the land where Shakira learned this one crazy dance and Robert Louis Stevenson was inspired for his book Treasure Island.

I don't have a lot to say this week, but I do have this: I gave my very first Priesthood blessing this week. After a really crazy lesson with Louis and Michellin, Louis talked about how his friend (a bishop) gave him a blessing that helped him when he was sick, and I felt like maybe I should offer one. The spirit was so strong in that lesson, it was like I didn't even need to do anything.
As for the blessing - it's rather impossible to describe. One might say it was like I went into a trance or was posessed, but it was obviously not like that at all. I just sort of put my hands on his head, closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and then just went, or almost let go, in a way. My mind was totally empty, and yet I was saying things that came to my mind. It was almost like I was sealed away in my own body, like my conscious was…

The Last Days of Elder Poirier- Week 26

Ka oha nui tout le monde from the Marquesas - the land where I haven't gained a single pound.

This week we strengthened the understanding of the Book of Mormon for Catherine, Kelly, and Wendy the Member Reference. It was all really good and honestly strengthened my testimony of this basic facet of the gospel. Also, we engaged Catherine to baptism. As with Denis, we didn't get a no, but we got the wishy-washy Marquesian, "Yes- wait- um... I don't know." But this was after she posed the question, "If I read this Mormon Bible and am interested by the stories, what do I do next?" and then after we talked about praying she was like, "Yeah but what then?" I really think she's been prepared.
In other news, Poirier is being transferred to Papeete to work in the vistor's center for the temple. My new companion, who I just picked up today, is Elder Abbate. He's from Merseilles, and is super awesome and loves Star Wars and will finish his mis…

Amblin- Week 25

Ka oha nui mes chers amis from The Marquises - The Land where like all our lessons got cancelled like every day this week (the rain strikes back).
It was "hot" as we say in French (no lie we say "hot" when something's super hard).
But, all of it payed off because we had.... (wait for it)


It's sad that that's the equivalent of a unicorn out here, but it kind of is. Wendy, is a reference of gold, frankly. That might've been the first lesson in the history of Tahiti to be the Preach-My-Gospel-outlined lesson of 45 minutes (1 hour minimum because everyone just loves to chill and talk). It was probably the best-taught lesson I've ever done. AND OH MY GOODNESS THE ENGAGEMENT.

"Will you read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it's true?"
"Yeah definitely."

And it's just that easy!! Oh my word what a welcome outcome. It's been a long time since I've heard an answer like that. What a miracle. A…

'Tis the Season- Week 24

Ka oha nui once again from The Marquesas - where all the white people seem to come for the Winter.

This week was definitely better than last, as we actually had some work. And frankly, we've had a whole lot of Inception (investigators engaging themselves). This dude we've been seeing for a while named Denis said, at the end of our lesson and without being asked, "I'm gonna read some more about this Lephi (not a typo, that's what he said) dude before the next lesson." This old dude we see named Lucien, who is never afraid to say what he thinks and is super humble and way too wise, asked us, "When's you guys' mass? Am I allowed to come to that?" And what's more, he said if anybody gives him a hard time about it (people already have for the two times we've had a lesson with him; it's disturbing how fast news travels in this town), he's gonna be like, "Yeah I'm becoming a Mormon. You got a problem with that?" just t…