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A Little Different This Week- Week 36

Ka oha nui all my friends from the Marquesas - the land where I've been sick, and this week we haven't really accompished any lessons.

This week was super super lazy. Work has really died down after we peaked with those baptisms. We DID have this super cool basketball competition this weekend though. No lie, Tahiti Nui, the airline, has their own basketball team, and Jeff (Coco's son) is totally on it, and the games were held here! That was pretty cool to see. There was a family on the team from Bora Bora that totally knew Elder Sovereign and Elder Boyd (my bros from the MTC). I really want to go serve out there now. That family was super chill. We ate dinner with them for their daughter's birthday too.
This week though, I wanted to share some videos with you guys! A member showed us this series called Rai & Mana. It is surprisingly in English, EXTREMELY funny, and honestly pretty true. I only saw Episodes 1 and 3, but they were pure gold. The Tahitian love of Coca…

D&C 58:4- Week 35

"For after much tribulation come the blessings."

Ka oha nui from the Marquesas - the land where...


or TWO.

My dear friends and family, we finally accomplished something big out here in the Marquesas. After four months of dead ends, I've finally got some numbers to show that I got something done! After some serious tests of faith and humility, we've helped two more people come to a knowledge of Christ and what having him in your life can mean. Our two biggest potentials, Louis and Michelline, are now members of the church. And it was in no small part due to a FANTASTIC member integrator. For you see, dear friends, we were not present for the baptism.
Louis and Michelline are good friends with Bishop James Tuhohe, the bishop of Punauuia (on Tahiti), and his wife Vanessa, and they've been working with Louis and Michelline for like years now. They've always just been right there supporting them, even when they're miles away. They cal…

"...and enduring to the end." Week 34

Ka oha nui mes chers amis from the Marquesas - the land where dogs are called "petos" and the cats are called "pohus".

This week just shot right by. We were actually doing stuff, so it passed pretty quickly. We didn't really have a lot of cool stories or anything. Lots of contacting mostly. But at least we're back up to the Standard of Excellence level of lessons; 14. Elder Abbate and I, in lieu of not have lots of lessons, have been really working on studying and bettering our companionship, and have even set a goal of a "music and movie fast" (we try not to even talk about them). I'm actually pretty good at it, but he's not really as committed.
Stress is building as we try and sort out the details of his departure in the very near future. Finishing a mission in the islands is not easy. We actually have to send his suitcases to Tahiti this week (four weeks in advance because we're sending it by the boat).
...and that's honestly al…

The Fish of April- Week 33

Ka oha nui from the Marquesas - the land where French customs surround the holidays, thusly, April Fool's Day is called "Le poisson d'avril" (the Fish of April) (the jokes don't extend beyond taping a picture of a fish to somebody's back)

So I apparently misheard all the details last week and it wasn't a boating trip at all. Instead we just explored the island. His wife was a tour guide, so she knew all the spots and the history of the landmarks. I got some pretty cool pictures.
Work was about the same. What we lost in days of HEAVY rain we gained back a little in member lessons. As surprising as it was, we actually had more of those than other lessons this week. A big thanks to the family Hokehumano (Kaha and Lysette) for just having a simple family home evening with us and some investigators. That's all it takes people! In fact, that day, even with the rain, the Lord gave us lessons. No lie they fell right into our lap. We didn't even need to sc…