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The End of TIME-- Week 103

I find it a bit inappropriate to merely say what I did in this last week, here in my last real email, so I wanted instead to use this occasion to reflect and look back.
... and then yesterday we went into the city and afterwards spent a bunch of time with missionaries from some other zones, so we ended up having no time to do mail. Classy.
So today I find myself pressed for time and without many words. I feel like the greatest summary of all I've felt and learned will be in my homecoming talk, but even so, I would honestly just like to take the time to say how much I love this gospel and how different my attitude towards the gospel and how to handle what's really important in life has changed so much, and I can't wait to continue to share this same beautiful and wholly real light that exists in this world, and is all that really counts. Please everyone that reads this, know that I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that the only way to even stay sane in this life is to…

"I thought I knew what life should be"--Week 102

This week was a good week overall, but frankly I don't know how to feel. There's just so many mixed emotions right now. I honestly feel so many at once that it's just a great big overload and in the end I just come out feeling 'meh'.
Monday Went to a beach at Tautira and hung out. Also we got really cool zone shirts designed by Elder Peel.
Tuesday A great big day of work. Got right back into the rhythm of things and forgot that ficticious life that  ficticiously exists outside of Tahiti.
Wednesday More work. Our best investigators right now I'd say are these two girls M and P. They are currently living in cohabitation with innactive members. They're boyfriends are brothers, ages about 18 and 16. M and P are 17 and 15 respectively.  These two girls are just sweet and just need the gospel super bad. They're having a hard time keeping the commitments we give them though. Every time we try to invite them to church they say that their boyfriends won't let them…