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Mouaputa: "The Pierced Mountain"--Week 84

Once upon a time, there was a mountain, with a huge hole in it, on the island of Moorea. Many travellers attempted to hike this hike, but not all have succeeded. Yea, some have even lied about having done it.
In July of last year (roughly), Elders Ford, Gonzalez, Tekurio, and Dalton hiked this monster, but it was a treacherous, all-day affair with injuries, vomit, tears, and getting lost.
Inspired by this account, a young half-witted boy, upon being called to Moorea, made it his goal to scale this magnificent peak and come out of it still breathing.
Thus was our p-day.
(and thusly we're doing emails a lot later and this one is probably going to be super short too. also I left my planner with all my notes on what to write at the house. Quel échec)

That being said, it's been a good two weeks. Done more work than ever. Always so busy. Our three baptisms are progressing along quite nicely, and there are 3 - 5 more on the way for the near future. Things are exploding in this secto…

Rushed--Week 83

I might be coming back later today to be able to do emails, but I'm not too optimistic on the chances of that happening. Our whole zone is coming down to Moorea and I have to be a taxi driver.
This week is probably just a copy and paste of last week, except for the emergency transfer that went down. Elder Davis is going to Orovini with Elder Bradshaw and Elder Temahaga will be joining our eternal brotherhood and will serve at Nuku Hiva. Saying 'see you later' was sucky.
Hope y'all are doing well, I'm still busy and breathing, so that's that I suppose.
Talk to you all next week I guess.

When you tell the missionaries to go away...Week 82

This week was once again a very busy one. Especially Saturday.
Tuesday Packed full of lessons. Saw Fetiarava (one of our fixed baptisms), and did the Ten Commandments game with her.
Wednesday Another standard day. More English classes that hardly anybody showed up to, more sports (we actually had a pretty okay amount of people, and there were these two little girls that we invited to Saturday's baptism. We'll come back to them...)
Thursday Again, lots of lessons, rather standard day. But we were busy. Ooh, it was standard right up until I got a call from one of our counselors in the stake presidency. So when the stake came and did a conference in our ward, the one counselor (Frère Varney) totally told Fetiarava's family that we would do a family home evening thing at their sweet beach-front property, but the weekend after it rained and we postponed it. Fr Varney then calls me today and is like, "Hey so we're going to Moorea to go do reactivation stuff at Paopao, …

"Hulk Jésus-Christ"; " Every time I go into the temple, the Spirit be like, 'DO YOU WANNA WRESTLE ME BROTHER?!?!' "--Week 81

What a week. Again, not as busy as those other two, but still, we've always got lots to do.
Tuesday Had a bunch of lessons. So many in fact that we had to cancel one to get Elder Sylvestre to his boat.
Wednesday Picked up Roylance's mini-missionary. His name is Kevin. Super chill. He and Jordan and I do Rubik's Cubes sometimes.  Had our usual sport activity and English class. It was alright. Still trying to get more people to come honestly... (everybody says they want to come to an English class right up until you start doing an English class)
Thursday Lessons, if you can believe it. We never have to go/go contacting. There's always plenty to do. The Thursday curse kind of hit though, and some cancelled and we had to do some weekly planning instead. And then we had our coordination meeting. Sort of. Priesthood Executive Council is on Thursday nights too, and normally it's at 6, but don't worry this week it was scheduled at 5 (when ours was supposed to be). No …