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Monsieur Caussé and the Willy-Nilly Transfer Mishap--Week 80

This week was even busier than the last! I'm exhausted. Thank goodness it's a calm p-day today. We only have to deal with one tranfer, but don't worry we'll get to that...
Tuesday So many lessons! We only get like 2000 kilometers a month that we can use, and some of our lessons are so far away! This month we have been trying really hard to make our kms count and it's been deadly. Super tricky. Got some new baptism potentials and our woman Vahinehau is still holding out strong for March 11. The rest of her family is slowly starting to come our way too. They come to church now and everything.
Wednesday More lessons, more things to do. We christened the yaht formerly known as our English class (the only people there were the Young Women haha and even then it was out of convenience and a great big "nothing better to do," but there you go) and then played volleyball.
Thursday Went to Tahiti for an overnight excursion. Ladies and gentlemen, my hero from the MT…

"Sacrifice Your Emails and Follow Me": An Odyssey of a Hike, a Barbecue, and a Motu OR The Men in Those Cool Colored Shorts-- Week 79

This was our last p-day together before the transfer, so we decided to do one last mega-activity together and thus were uttered Elder Temahaga's infamous, now immortalized, words, and thusly why we did emails later in the day.
Monday Saw Reese and Bradshaw real quick (Reese wanted to visit one of his old sectors one last time before he went home), we went and did a hike, then went and did a family home evening with Elder Davis and Elder Temahaga. It was for their old ward mission leader's family. I think there were 20 people there.
Tuesday WORK. We were so busy. Had lots of lessons, and prepared Mélodie and Narii for their baptismal interview (just reviewed some stuff).
Wednesday Did a split. Elder Roylance (our district leader) has been needing to do a split with every Elder in the district, so we took care of his one with Elder Jordan. It was Elder Jordan's first day on a bike (so his bike was brand new) and he popped a wheelie (if you can do that you have earned every …

"When your Stake Comes in Clutch"--Week 78

After a rather standard week last week, this week was really awesome and eventful.
Monday - Elders from Pare and Papeete 2 (Tekurio!) came just for fun and we hung out with them.
Tuesday - had a multi-zone conference and then got to go to the temple. We slept over there and everything. We got to take the ferry over, and whilst there, this member lady invited us up into the cockpit. The guy driving the boat knew Elder Jordan's dad from back on Takaroa. The conference was really good. We talked about the Book of Mormon and how to better engage people. The ice cream of all ice creams made it's return from Nuku Hiva at lunch time (Hokey Pokey!) and then we did interviews with President Bize. That night at the temple was perhaps the best I've ever had. It was good to be there with the crew. It was the first time Davis had gone in a year (because of serving in the islands). Then we went and slept at Pare's house. Wheelies were popped, hairs were cut. "Oh what a night.&…

Just Pictures--Week 77

I just don't have a lot to say this week guys. It was a good week, but I just don't have a lot to say. Highlights were definitely eating at this old retired French dude's house up in the mountains on Wednesday and speaking classy French and having classy conversations, and then fast and testimony meeting yesterday.
This little five year old girl got up to bear her testimony, only she didn't say the usual cliche stuff. It was surprising.
And then she recited the First Vision. By heart.
and then she started singing.
Joseph Smith's First Prayer, to the tune of Come Thou Fount. In Tahitian.

Did not see it coming.

P.S. - the pictures don't show it, but because of the lagoons here, the water is like permanently the aqua that you see in the distance. it is absolutely unreal. really stunning.

-District meeting in their house. Haha