Double Digits (week 10)

Hi Everyone-

Yet another week passes in its splendor!

I was so thankful to finally be back to missionary work and not be sick, and the Lord saw fit to welcome me back with plenty to do, and lots of rain. I couldn't have been happier.

We've had some really incredible lessons, and I've really grown as a teacher. I'm really learning how to recognize the spirit at every moment and act on promptings. My love for the people has only continued to grow every day. I care so much about our investigators, and can feel the Savior's love for them so strongly. There's this one lady named Lorenza who's really special to me. She's got lots of problems and it's a rough situation, but that just makes me want to work so hard to help her through all of them. There's a lot of tribulation in her life, and I want nothing more than to give her peace and have her feel of the love of God, so that's what I work so hard to do in every lesson.

There's also this other family we met that I, again, could just feel the love of the Savior for so strongly. We got done with a really excellent lesson with them (even their devoutly Protestant dad seemed more open to the idea of the Book of Mormon by lesson's end), and they all grabbed an instrument and played us a song, and, firstly it was really, REALLY good, and secondly, during it I could just feel the love this family had for each other so strongly, and how happy they were, and I remember distinctly feeling that we needed to bring them the gospel so they can be even happier. They've been prepared, man. So many people we're working with have. It's truly exciting and fulfilling work. Tis the Lord's work, and I'm so thankful to be doing it.

I've seen instances where the Lord's really looking out for me as well. This one day when it was raining the most, and we had to ride our bikes out to the ward mission leader's house (which was tucked back into the jungle), they had a super warm dinner waiting for us. And just yesterday when we had a bunch to do and had to wait for the bishop to drop people off and we couldn't get lunch, the lady we taught that afternoon gave us lunch. I was practically praying for food and we got it. It was amazing.

Breakfast here has only got more chocolate as time's gone on. I've gone from chocolate cookies in milk to milo (what they call hot chocolate) with a bagette and butter, to milo with a bagette and Nutella and peanut butter. Needless to say, it's a breakfast I'm bringing back with me when I'm done.

And speaking of bread, goodness gracious is it good here. And it's cheap. And we have it with like every meal. Those of you that know me and how much I like bread are probably rolling your eyes right now.

It's an uphill battle here, opening a new area and trying to get to know everybody, but I feel like every day we just do such awesome work and both my companion and I work so hard and we both really care and I really feel like we're making a difference.

That's all for now, I s'pose. Keep the faith everybody.

P.S. - we totally have a marriage and then a baptism (super popular here since every just lives together) on Halloween! Will send pictures

-this lady made this hat out of just ribbons. How crazy is that?
-I tried it on. Of course it didn't fit
-this picture does not come close to capturing the apocalypse, Matrix Revolutions, The Notebook, downpour, monsoon level of rain we had to work in all day long


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