Still Sick! Week 8

Hello Everyone.

Firstly, an item of business - if I have lots of typos, know it's not because I'm losing my English to French, it's because I'm on a French computer that puts like every English word as a typo, so my emails are all basically made of red, so it's harder for me to catch errors. Now, that being said, on to business.

A few things I forgot from last week:

- My name means "sin" in Tahitian. At least, it does when it's pronounced Hah-rah, which is how everybody says it and it's too big of a pain to correct it, so I just go with it. And honestly it gives me a bit of personality and a joke to break the ice, which is good for what I currently lack in French.

- The hardest part of missionary work here is how early everybody goes to bed. The sun sets at like 6 here, so that's when everybody goes to bed. You can't really schedule a lesson then, so all we can really do is schedule our dinner kind of later and hope for the best and try to not get in until 9. But it's kind of chill that way, so that's cool and bad at the same time.

Now, on to this week's adventures.

You know how I barely mentioned that I was sick in my emails? That's about how casually I handled my illness as well... until it got worse. Monday night around midnight I wake up with this obscene pain in my ribs. I had been starting to hurt right there when I coughed, but this was like crazy out of control. It was as if there was like a metal block trying to bust it's way out of me. So I got a blessing and the pain subsided enough for me to actually get to sleep, and then I go to the doctor's the next day.

Are you ready for this?

No joke, "I got bronchitis! (Ain't nobody got time fo' dat!)"

Who knew, man.

The doctor kept like shaking his head and telling me that I should've come in like two weeks ago and that the situation was grave and that the next step would be for it to start attacking my heart and kidneys.



So I've spent the last week being sick and not doing a whole ton of missionary work.

Weirdest of all was how we fought my fever. The doctor told me that I needed to wear nothing but shorts and go lay down with like a fan on me and if I take a shower have it be the coldest possible. This tripped me out so bad. I was so freezing all the time, how would taking my clothes off help? But I did as he instructed and here's what happened.

I get basically naked, I go lay down, I eat a bit of leftover pizza (the only warm thing related to me at the time. Once again a time when pizza has saved my life), and I fall asleep; all this in a matter of like 5 minutes or so.

I wake up like a few minutes later... AND I'M HOTTER THAN A SUMMER IN YUMA. I have no idea how this worked, but it did. I like, got another fan I was so warm.

I decided this experience was my own personal Naaman story. For those of you that don't know, Naaman was this awesome king in the Bible who had leprosy, and was told by the prophet if he went and bathed in the River Jordan seven times he'd be cleansed of his leprosy.

Just as it made no sense for him to get in, wash, and get out seven times, and in the filthy River Jordan no less, it made no sense for me to lose layers to combat a fever. But both worked.

Thanks to Heavenly Father on this one. I'm glad it didn't get worse, and I'm glad I can keep serving and working. And honestly I can't wait for it. It's not good to just sit around, especially when you're on a mission.

And honestly that's all for this week. Hope you all enjoyed this random and crazy story.

Until next time. 


- me being naked
- a sunset that actually looks way cooler in the picture than it did in real life (it was nowhere near that dark and intense)
- my first baptism (a kid named Tenoarii) and I didn't even get to go to it

A note from Ty's mom:  Can all of you please pray for Ty's quick recovery in your 
prayers this week?  We have got to get this boy better so he can get to work! : )  
Thanks for all of your support.


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