Mouaputa: "The Pierced Mountain"--Week 84

Once upon a time, there was a mountain, with a huge hole in it, on the island of Moorea. Many travellers attempted to hike this hike, but not all have succeeded. Yea, some have even lied about having done it.

In July of last year (roughly), Elders Ford, Gonzalez, Tekurio, and Dalton hiked this monster, but it was a treacherous, all-day affair with injuries, vomit, tears, and getting lost.

Inspired by this account, a young half-witted boy, upon being called to Moorea, made it his goal to scale this magnificent peak and come out of it still breathing.

Thus was our p-day.

(and thusly we're doing emails a lot later and this one is probably going to be super short too. also I left my planner with all my notes on what to write at the house. Quel échec)

That being said, it's been a good two weeks. Done more work than ever. Always so busy. Our three baptisms are progressing along quite nicely, and there are 3 - 5 more on the way for the near future. Things are exploding in this sector.

-Elder Harrah

last week's pictures

-this guy is playing with a dolphin that you can't see. they had them roped off into this one section way far away from us for these rich people. Pfft. Snobs. It's not like they payed to do that... point is I didn't really see dolphins up close that day.  


-so it's a woman's face, from the right side. she's looking up at the sky, the hole is her eye, her hair falls onto her forehead and then comes down, right next to the hole is her nose, and then there are her lips and chin just to the right. Mega, eh?

-Elder Jordan even did the hike with his crazy injured foot
-a sunset from the other day
-and a random one from the other week - us prepping our local ties. we have all these swatches of fabric, and then the DMP of Paopao takes them and makes stripedy-ties. I'm so excited

**A note from Ty's mom:  Elder Harrah's companion sent me a message this week also.  
Here's what it said:

Check out this page on the mountain we just climbed today!!!!

It wasn’t until I looked at the pictures on this link that I realized just how steep this mountain really is!  I’m glad it didn’t know about it until it was over.  Ty said it was a 10 hour hike but they did it in 7 hours.  He described it as ‘heavenly’.  And special thanks to Elder Jordan for the link!


  1. This Is Elder Ford, I am SOOOOO Proud of Harrah for Hiking the MouaPuta, It was a tramatic experience for me, But it look like He had a lot of Fun Way To Go Harrah!!!!!

    1. As his mother, I must say that reading about it was a traumatic experience for me!! I'm glad both of you are okay!


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