"I thought I knew what life should be"--Week 102

This week was a good week overall, but frankly I don't know how to feel. There's just so many mixed emotions right now. I honestly feel so many at once that it's just a great big overload and in the end I just come out feeling 'meh'.

Went to a beach at Tautira and hung out. Also we got really cool zone shirts designed by Elder Peel.

A great big day of work. Got right back into the rhythm of things and forgot that ficticious life that  ficticiously exists outside of Tahiti.

More work. Our best investigators right now I'd say are these two girls M and P. They are currently living in cohabitation with innactive members. They're boyfriends are brothers, ages about 18 and 16. M and P are 17 and 15 respectively.  These two girls are just sweet and just need the gospel super bad. They're having a hard time keeping the commitments we give them though. Every time we try to invite them to church they say that their boyfriends won't let them. Not really sure what to do honestly...

Multi-zone conference. It wasn't until the car ride to this conference that I realized it was my last one. Honestly. I was so surprised. Super weird. And then Soeur Larsen reminded me that I would have to bear my testimony (that's what missionaries that are leaving do at their last multi-zone conference). I never thought I would make it to this moment and now here I was and it didn't even feel like I imagined it would or thought it was supposed to. It was honestly really weird. I feel like my "last testimony" was at the Taravao concert more than anything else. That felt really right, honestly. This one just felt very odd and out of place.

District meeting, did a sort of door-to-door survey in the sister's sector (they're having a hard time right now honestly), came home and did some lessons, then went to a wedding. Soeur Toa (a sister from my very first zone) is in our ward, and she got married, and the reception was that night at the church. The whole zone ended up being invited, so it was yet another day of seeing everybody again, which is quite nice. I love our zone.

Our stake's Heiva. Ladies and gentlemen, it's been that time of year for the ultimate Tahitian party of destiny. Our ward has been preparing for at least a month now. All of the wards in our stake have. And now, after all this time, we got to see the supreme super-mega Heiva-thing in all of it's local glory. We're talking like 4-5 hours straight of dances and songs. It was quite the spectacle. And that all came after the games/sports and the enormous lunch of Tahitian food - taro, poe, fe'i, poulet fafa, and of course, everyone's favorite, fafaru. It was quite the day. And then that night we went and did a lesson with this family of eternal investigators, but that we hadn't seen in a long time and that went super well. The spirit was really strong. It was a classic Restoration lesson, and everybody asked really good questions, and the kids were respectful and reverent and interested, so it was awesome :)

That night we had a fireside to wrap up all the Heiva festivities and to invite everybody to get back to doing missionary work and spiritual things again. They had a nice goal in mind, but the fireside left something to be desired... at any rate, saw the entire zone again. Nailed it.

Went to Moorea and saw some old friends, but I FORGOT MY CAMERA. Such a lame move. Elder Fillis took a bunch of pictures though, so I should have those for everybody next week.

"Baby don't you cry for me.
It's an illusion; just an illusion."

Elder Harrah

-Sister Tupea was at the wedding! She did a dance for the couple

-the gang
-our ward about to dance
-"Cameron Fry, this one's for you!"


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