The Fish of April- Week 33

Ka oha nui from the Marquesas - the land where French customs surround the holidays, thusly, April Fool's Day is called "Le poisson d'avril" (the Fish of April) (the jokes don't extend beyond taping a picture of a fish to somebody's back)

So I apparently misheard all the details last week and it wasn't a boating trip at all. Instead we just explored the island. His wife was a tour guide, so she knew all the spots and the history of the landmarks. I got some pretty cool pictures.

Work was about the same. What we lost in days of HEAVY rain we gained back a little in member lessons. As surprising as it was, we actually had more of those than other lessons this week. A big thanks to the family Hokehumano (Kaha and Lysette) for just having a simple family home evening with us and some investigators. That's all it takes people! In fact, that day, even with the rain, the Lord gave us lessons. No lie they fell right into our lap. We didn't even need to schedule them. It was a miracle.

We also did a fast this week (all the members of the branch council) for the missionary work. I think it'll really help. Fasting was one of the things that helped the most at Toahotu.

The other really great event of this week was of course conference; which was made even better by Michelline (unfortunately not Louis, but still) coming to the Sunday afternoon session, AND bringing her daughter and a friend (who apparently all cried during the Joseph Smith movie. Nailed it).

My favorite message from conference had to be from President Monson's Priesthood Session address - "(before you do something dumb) Remember that you are a child of the promise, a man of power, a son of God." What empowering words! That phrase really gave me a boost, and will be useful for me in the future I'm sure. He even used the "children of the promise" phrase that Elder Pearson used. Incredible.

Sincerely yours,
Elder Harrah

-the valley of Taipivai. Herman Melville (the guy that wrote Moby Dick) wrote a book about this place called Tapei or something like that, and it's about his experience of when he dodged the law on this island. Too cool.
-the jungles of Hatiheu
-petroglyphs (they're a little hard to see)

-this one's a turtle
-at the base, there's this hole that, no lie, they used as a pit for the prisoners back in the day

-I forget what this one was for but there was totes a human skull down there
-I'm not joking when I say these grounds were used for human sacrifice. The red stones around it are how you know it's a sacrificing ground. It was believed that you absorbed the other warrior's energy when you ate them
-he's cradling a dead body

-the king on his throne
-a surprisingly good photo. Look at the shallow depth of field! (oh hey a flower...)
-a witch doctor's medical table/tattoo parlor (the juices go in the holes and then you put your arm long-wise; your fist going in the big groove)

-make sure you get enough purple in your diet
-after the rain
-"Everybody's thinking it, I'm just saying it... Pirates!" (look at it. it was like this three-mast cutter)

-our conference setup. We all ate a massive breakfast together. All the other members that have internet or TV just watched it at their house


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