A Little Different This Week- Week 36

Ka oha nui all my friends from the Marquesas - the land where I've been sick, and this week we haven't really accompished any lessons.

This week was super super lazy. Work has really died down after we peaked with those baptisms. We DID have this super cool basketball competition this weekend though. No lie, Tahiti Nui, the airline, has their own basketball team, and Jeff (Coco's son) is totally on it, and the games were held here! That was pretty cool to see. There was a family on the team from Bora Bora that totally knew Elder Sovereign and Elder Boyd (my bros from the MTC). I really want to go serve out there now. That family was super chill. We ate dinner with them for their daughter's birthday too.

This week though, I wanted to share some videos with you guys! A member showed us this series called Rai & Mana. It is surprisingly in English, EXTREMELY funny, and honestly pretty true. I only saw Episodes 1 and 3, but they were pure gold. The Tahitian love of Coca Cola and the messing with the tourists was rather accurate, and I encourage everybody to check out this series if you want a funny look of how things are out here! Also, for those of you who watch the first episode, "vahine" means "woman" (hopefully the joke will make more sense that way).

I'm still doing well out here, and am just trying to finish strong with Abbate (this is his last week) and prep for my next companion (I'll have to show them how the Marquesas works).

Best wishes to everyone!
Elder Harrah

-my peeps
-I was going for yellow the whole time, even when they lost

-this plant was totally real
-another photo of the view
-dinner with the Richards, the Tamas, and the family from Bora Bora (their little girl's birthday party)

-be jealous of our Barbie birthday cake


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