"...and enduring to the end." Week 34

Ka oha nui mes chers amis from the Marquesas - the land where dogs are called "petos" and the cats are called "pohus".

This week just shot right by. We were actually doing stuff, so it passed pretty quickly. We didn't really have a lot of cool stories or anything. Lots of contacting mostly. But at least we're back up to the Standard of Excellence level of lessons; 14. Elder Abbate and I, in lieu of not have lots of lessons, have been really working on studying and bettering our companionship, and have even set a goal of a "music and movie fast" (we try not to even talk about them). I'm actually pretty good at it, but he's not really as committed.

Stress is building as we try and sort out the details of his departure in the very near future. Finishing a mission in the islands is not easy. We actually have to send his suitcases to Tahiti this week (four weeks in advance because we're sending it by the boat).

...and that's honestly all I've got to talk about this week. Sorry guys. Not a lot of exciting stuff this week. It's been rather bland. Just trying to prep him for leaving (he's rather focused on planning for that right now).

Wish us luck in preparing all this stuff!

"If thou art sorrowful, call on the Lord thy God with supplication, that your souls may be joyful."
-D&C 136:29

Elder Harrah

-flowers again
-his speaker broke and he really wanted to listen to his music...
-cool clouds again

(part of the cool clouds)


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