Day 300--Week 43

Ka oha nui from the Marquises - the land where "#thirdworldproblems" could actually be a social media phrase.

I honestly don't have that much to say for this week. I'm really having trouble remembering it. Things are still moving slowly with work. No word on Catherine and Elaida. We had a really great lesson with Suzanne and Carl though, and a really special moment when they opened up to us and were super honest. They said that if they lived in a bigger country they'd already be in our church. It's just that it's so small out here. Everyone is family. EVERYONE. And they see everything that you do, always, at all times. The gossip is really harsh. And if you leave the Catholic faith you risk seriously and extensively losing your loved ones and close friends. This was obviously something we had a general idea of, but hearing them talking about it personally and just how honest it was was really special to me. I really like that family, and I really hope I can continue to help them until the very last minute that I leave.

Which, by the way, might be soon.

When one has been in a sector for six months, the odds of one being transferred is very high. Next Monday is the transfer. I still haven't been called, but we'll see what happens.

avec esperance,
Tumu Hakako Harrah

-the middle school did a crazy show. Merryl totally sang! and wore a tie
-ate at the Pearl Lodge. It was Nanuhei's birthday. We got her a bracelet and gold tattoos (just what she asked for)

-no lie, that one house clear up there all alone? that's his house...
-fishing pics (I was the "vrai kyna" and I was running around barefoot that whole day. Nailed it)

-we ate this pointy thing's insides


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