Eventful--Week 44

Ka oha nui from the Marquises - where I'm running out of titles and not-so-witty jokes for these emails.

This week was, as I said, eventful.

On Tuesday, we went and worked down on the docks. Kevin and Soeur Ellis had a really full day and needed a bit of extra help, and Davis and I are not ones to turn down a service project. We helped bring in a bunch of boxes that Kevin had ordered (ice cream ordered for the shop, navigation books, tanks of fuel, a new printer, the likes).

On Wednesday, we had a day where everyone kept their appointment, and everybody read the scriptures we gave them! It was truly a miracle. They were all really quality lessons, and two of them were with Catherine and Suzanne just to make things better. They're progressing a bit more now than before!

On Thursday, the universe was like, "What? You guys can't have success," and I was struck with what we found out later was the zycca (Zika) virus. This was the worst day of it. I like couldn't even get out of bed.

On Friday we finally got the Liahonas for the month of May (let that sink in), and we had a fireside that like nobody came to. It was a well put-together fireside (thanks to the Tamas), but there just weren't that many people there (member and investigators alike).

On Saturday we got the transfer information, and I'm staying here. Again! Thus meaning I will be going on 7 1/2 months on Nuku Hiva. Also we helped clean the Catholic cathedral a little bit (it was Suzanne and Carl's family's turn to do it, and they needed a bit of help).

And that was about it for this week. I thoroughly enjoyed it (apart from being seek).

Hoping everyone is well,
Tumu Hakako Harrah

-they'll just leave that right on the dock...

-said bye to our dudes from Ua Pou (school's out and they're heading home. We should be seeing them when we go on our boat trip)
-another hike


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