Sometimes You Have Got to Bleed to Know--Week 67

After all the stress of last week, my motto for this week was zen and peace. My goal was to not let stuff wreck me if it went wrong, to just focus on our people, and to give myself fun things to look forward to. The house goal has since been to do at least one awesome thing each night when we get back.

Monday - went to Mahina and shot some of my movie!

Tuesday - went and got pastries from the pastry shop across the street, started cutting footage for the movie, lost a bunch of footage (it's a long story), but then was able to restore some of it. Then that night we met this crazy American/Tahitian that didn't really speak French or English whose parents met on the set of Mutiny On The Bounty (the Marlon Brando movie). His dad worked for MGM and his mom was a dancer. Great story.

Wednesday - went on a split with Elder Hanson to help Herelani's dad (my Tahitian is still lacking, but Elder Hanson's is really good). He started reading the Book of Mormon before we'd even left their house! Then I worked on the movie s'more. Also Elder Lo'Amanu and Elder Bradshaw's luggage finally got here from Amanu. Finally.

Thursday - had a really good day of work. We stayed pleasantly busy. And then that night there was a huge meal at our Ward Mission Leader's house for his birthday. I pretended it was Thanksgiving, vaguely. Honestly I forgot a little bit.

Friday - led the zone conference that day. Elder Fareata (one of our assistants) is now going out to Hiva Oa to replace Elder Davis, who will be going to Moorea to replace Elder Hervaud, who is coming to replace Elder Drugeon at Faa'a, who is now the new assistant. That sentence I just wrote was like the geneaology chapters in the Bible... But yeah Elder Fareata said his goodbye in our zone conference. Then it was Barbara (Herelani's mom)'s birthday and we ate at their house.

Saturday - unfortunately today was kind of crappy. It was super stressful. I was trying too hard to please too many people. We had to split, shoot the movie, do temple presentations, keep up work in our own sectors, and then ended up being late to the baptism. At least there was a baptism. Also I got my crew craft service at McDonald's (it's the only happening spot on Tahiti, really...)

Sunday - our sacrament program made me want to cry and not in a good way. They made the Single Adults age 30 and older talk about the temple. Like, that was the whole sacrament meeting. This one guy is totally in a wheelchair from this accident that he had and I think that's the only reason why he's not married yet. It was like asking a guy if you can borrow his Lord of the Rings Blu-ray Box Set while he's having a stroke. In any case, edited the video some more, and got a preview ready for this Thursday (the next Conseil des Dirigeants). And then we attempted to do a real-life RKO...

and now today we're going to go to the Paul Gaugain Museum in Punaauia. I'm super excited. Pictures maybe? I'm so bad at getting you guys pictures now... it's just that we get so busy and aren't always at the visitor's center. And if we are I'm working on the video and the computer is too slow to function if I'm trying to edit and even have the internet open at the same time.

Until next time,

Elder Harrah

This is from when Elder Cardon of the 70 came. Unfortunately I look dreadful, and they caught me making a dumb face. Don't try to look for me...

The other conseil des dirigeants, just in time for us to do a new one this week.

Before the picture with the 70

Herelani with her brother Clayton and their dog Barbie


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