A Bit Stressed-- Week 66

This week was a hard week.

We got so much temple stuff done though! The entire Faa'a stake showed up Saturday morning for a bunch of presentations. We did four presentations in two groups, and a couple Presidents (Bize included) came and spoke. It went from 9:00 am until like 1:00 in the afternoon. And once all that was done somebody's little kid clogged a toilet and flooded our bathroom. Elder Hanson and I were the ones that cleaned it up (we're always cleaning up after people honestly).

The two baptisms we fixed the other week are named Georges and Christine, but we had to push back their baptismal date unfortunately (that's what we get for trying to do it to early I suppose). Then this other lady we were trying to baptize just gave up on us, so that was frustrating as well. At least we'll be baptizing this girl named Herelani this weekend. Her family is super sweet. We hope to baptize her dad next.

I'm trying really hard to just hang on for the moment. I'm super busy. We'll be shooting the visitor's center video soon (well, we'll be starting today actually), so hopefully I'll be able to get that sent along soon.

Hope everyone's doing well!

-Elder Harrah

Happy Thanksgiving!


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