"Do you think you're important? No! You're a man, you're ugly, so I didn't answer the phone."--Week 85

Ia ora na people.

Today is the last Monday before the transfer, so we went out to the motu again, and went out on this random hike/walk thing up to some water basins. It was pretty fun.

I'll try my best to recap the last couple weeks:

Monday, March 13
quote from our family home evening, "Without the gospel, life is nothing."

Tuesday, Mar 14
a crazy quote from a crazy lady we taught, "I love a couple that fights each other. If we don't fight... we don't progress/advance."

Wednesday, Mar 15
We taught our investigators that will be baptized on April 28, Raimanu and Tamara, the law of chastity. That's about it.

Thursday, Mar 16
We got a new investigator from our DMP; Soeur Vahinehau's aunt, Margarite. She's very nice and will most surely be getting baptized pretty soon.

Friday, Mar 17
The emergency transfer was going down, so after work we spent a bit of time with the Elders of Paopao.

Saturday, Mar 18
played soccer at 6 a.m. (again, at Paopao because they were leaving), filled up our water bottles in the pouring rain (tap water is not clean, and you have to go to this public source and fill up 6 billion bottles to have drinking water at the house), did lots of weekly planning, and then went and ate at Patrice's house (hence the group photo from the other week).

Sunday, Mar 19
Anniversary of the Relief Society. Super cool, so we had a program in sacrament about it. Soeur Mau, the mom of Fetiarava (the girl who will get baptized on the 8th of April) gave a very heart-felt talk. 

Monday, Mar 20
Everyone came down for the party on Moorea.

Tuesday, Mar 21
So many lessons. Got pooped on. Quote that I found,
"The most noble aspiration of the human heart is to have a marriage that can endure until after death."
-Russell M. Nelson
I whole-heartedly agree.

Wednesday, Mar 22
Normal Wednesday. English class, sports, the usual.

Thusday, Mar 23
Again, so many lessons! So busy. We were almost a couple times, but it ended up working out.

Friday, Mar 24
Had a primary baptism. We were the witnesses. It was a'ight.

Saturday, Mar 25
Played soccer again (everyone wanted us to come back from last time), went and did a service project at Fetiarava's house, and did a lesson with Raimanu and Tamara.

Sunday, Mar 26
It was Raimanu's birthday, so we ate with them.

Monday, Mar 27
Tempted death.

Tuesday, Mar 28
Had a multi-zone conference and went to Tahiti for it. We saw the church's official Easter video before it came out. Super well done. I didn't know how they were going to top that Christmas video, but this one was pretty alright. We also got the brakes replaced on our car.

My favorite thing I got out of the conference was, after having watched the video, President Bize asked us the question - "How can I be an element of peace?" and that can apply to all aspects of our lives. I won't rant about it, just something for everyone to ponder on.

Wednesday, Mar 29
Didn't get back from Tahiti until this morning, and we didn't know when we'd be getting back, so we had told some people are English and sport was cancelled, and then there were some that we managed to tell that it was still good, so it ended up just being a huge mess. Not that many people.

Thusday, Mar 30
SO MANY LESSONS. Again, just super busy.

Friday, Mar 31
Did the baptismal interview for Fetiarava and all is well. Also did a really good lesson with Raimanu and Tamara.

Saturday, Apr 1
Conference! Mercy was this one good. I liked it even better than the last one. All the sessions were superb. Too many good talks to even choose, but I forced myself to choose a favorite, and for me it had to be Russell M. Nelson's talk about how to receive of God's power in your life. Honestly, from where I've been and the questions I've had, the Lord has been preparing me line upon line and been leading me little by little, and right when I had a stroke of personal revelation/a trial of my faith on that regard, I get this President Nelson talk that just floors me. Again, that guy is busting out power punches with each conference. If not, the Elder Holland talk was rather dynamic as well. It would've been nice to hear that one in English (I heard it in the background despite the translator guy, and i could tell he was being quite the "raconteur"). I like how the church, but him especially, is/are not afraid to tackle important issues with serious, inspired answers, and I loved that Elder Holland was still bringing that fire this conference around.

Sunday, Apr 2
We were going to have a first contact with this couple from Paopao that was about to get baptized when Davis and Temahaga were there (but them leaving kind of threw that off), but they ended up having to cancel. We'll do that this weekend. They'll be getting married too actually. Lots of marriages and baptisms in our ward right now.

I can't believe i just survived that email.

-Elder Harrah

no one expect me to write them back please haha

-Farmer's Tan


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