I Should've Taken Better Notes-- Week 86

this week is a blur right now. we're dealing with transfers and I'm super tired and hungry. up till late, got up early, all the good stuff. I'm currently on the iPad of a member of another ward sitting with a missionary that's not my companion.

work i guess.

in our English class we talked about parts of the body, and we played/sang "head shoulders knees and toes" and everybody about died laughing. good stuff. also, did interviews with President over the phone, tried to see if Elder Jordan could stay (all three of our fixed baptisms want him to baptize them). he basically said we'll see.
Woooooork.  so much of it.

the transfer calls came when Jordan was in the shower. when he heard the phone go off, he hurried and hopped out to hear it, but by the time he had, he'd missed it. we took a screenshot of that call's run-time. Elder Jordan is going to Outumaoro; a sector on Tahiti that just had around 15 baptisms in the last 4 months. insane. that sector is really good. i'll be serving here with Elder Dieutre, this one kid from my first zone. also Roylance is gone and BRADSHAW is coming in his place! we joked about him serving here but now he's really serving here! i'm so stoked

ate one last meal with Patrice and the ex-DMP of Paopao to say goodbye. they hooked us up with the ties we ordered too.


Said ours goodbyes and did so until like 9 at night. It was quite a lengthy affair honestly. Lots or people to see. Had to get up at 5 in the morning for a blessing and then consistently received food until the end of the day. Most food I've received in one day. We even ate at Mama Rose's house in the morning.

Until next week,
Elder Harrah


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