"I cannot tell you; it's confidential": Who is the mysterious Poire Williams? - an operetta sponsored by Steven R.R. Fox--Week 98

Monday - no motu. the boat didn't work out. we went and ate lunch in this shack on the water instead.

Tuesday - work. Some pretty good lessons. Standard.

Wednesday - The last conference with President Bize! Most nostalgic two hours of my life, surely. All of the hymns were Tahiti classics (this might have been the one time i wasn't angry to hear Secret Prayer). Soeur Bize said some touching things and made everybody tear up (I dunno; I did, at least), and then President Bize tried to keep his lively so people wouldn't get too bummed/down. They're coming to Utah at the end of August for a reunion with all the old missionaries, so I'll/we'll really be seeing them quite soon.

Thursday - got a bad haircut.

Friday - did a rehearsal for our stake missionary choir with the gang after our district meeting, then went to our zone leader's house and fixed my bad haircut. also got churros (i love that churro place) and saw Ravatea and Jesse again (our converts from Toahotu)! It was a healthy helping of nostalgia. I love being in this zone again. Also, did a lesson with Tony and Nellehia (these two investigators) that finally agreed to get things together for their marriage so they can get baptized. We should be fixing their baptismal date tomorrow night if all goes well.

Saturday - so Tahia and Vetea, the last fixed baptisms from Moorea, wanted me to come back for their baptism. Vetea wanted me to baptize him. SO I DID.
I GOT TO GO TO MOOREA FOR THE MORNING! it was a lot of fun. I got to see the new Moorea gang (Elder Isabell included) as well as all the members of Haapiti. They were all super nice and happy to see me. Then I came back and we had our primary baptism in our ward, and Himni bore a very heartfelt testimony. His parents are coming to church now thanks to his good example. Then we did a lesson with this one girl who has known the missionaries for a long time and has wanted to be baptized, but has a really hard home life and her dad won't let her get baptized. The lesson was at the church after the baptism (Himni's her cousin), and she mostly just cried a lot. Super rough, and who knows when the next lesson will be again. sad deal.

Sunday - Had a very good day at church. Our testimony meeting was very nice. Himni's mom got up and bore testimony and talked about coming back to church and it was awesome. Our Elder's quorum was better today too (we got a new president and he's shaping things up). That evening we went and did our choir concert in Arue and President Fox was there. Super crazy. He didn't speak, and I didn't get the chance to talk to him, but he was there, and it was very surreal. Got his email today and he seems very nice, and speaks his French well. He's already working on his Tahitian. Maitai roa.

This week we'll be going to the temple, and going to our first conference with President Fox; on the 4th of July, ironically enough.  This Sunday the concert's at Papeari, so we'll be back in the stake center from my childhood. Just another stop on the nostalgia trip. The week after is going to be in the Vairao/Toahotu chapel!

faaitoito pour la suite,
Elder Harrah

talk to you all next week


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