Pomme Poire Williams: "They Coming with Knives, They Coming with Guns"--Week 101

Longest. Week. Thank heaven it's over.

Chilled in this guy's sweet field and hung out with the goats there. It was very tranquil.

Work. We were busy from 10 am until clear into the night. We had a lesson every hour! I was grateful to have a full day of work, but at the same time, since I was feeling sick it was just kind of torturous.

Same deal. Super busy. Did a service project and helped plant pineapples. They had a lot of them in their field. The bushes that the pineapples grow from actually give forth to baby bushes too, and you just pluck them off the bush as if they were fruit and you plant them and you have more. Weirdest thing.

A full day as well. The same as yesterday really only replace service project with weekly planning. For a moment we were pedaling our bikes and I just wanted to die. I even sent a text afterwards to Elder Smith and Elder Packer to shoot me with a spear gun. Super worn out. This week was definitely a test in enduring to the end.

After all those stacked days, today we had nothing. Not one fixed lesson. We worked on the plan for our activity some more (we designed the puzzle we'll be doing), and then we went and tried to visit the members that we'd given reference papers to (you talk to a friend about the gospel, you write down their info if they're interested, and then you give it to us the missionaries), and that was about it. We did get to go to MacDo after our district meeting, so it was nice to chill with Fillis and Lasson and McLoughlin and the likes.

Went to this random post-wedding feast. So first there was the wedding feast, and now, days later, this was the thank you meal for the participating family. Random. At any rate, it was a bunch of traditional food (taro, mitihue, hipo, the likes). They didn't even have forks! Normally "ma'a Tahiti" is eaten with your hands, but I've never been obligated to eat it with my hands. This day we had no choice.

All the missionaries in our stake came and sang in our sacrament meeting. President Parker (the stake president) owned the world, and really talked up Elder Blater and I. He always gives us hugs. Super nice guy. And then every lesson we had fixed (and we had four) was cancelled. Wretched. We just sort of improvised. The people we thought of going to see weren't there either. Bunch of nonsense.

Going to a beach at Tautira. Chilling with the zone as usual.

Elder Harrah

-the "combat cocks". found this holy activity on the sabbath day. goodness was the crowd noisy. according to my companion and what the members told him on Bora, if you shave their heads, their skin hardens into like a shell/helmet. the legs are for manuverability/agility. we saw this one that had just lost being taken out of the fight and his blood was just freely flowing. it was quite horrendous.


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