Amblin- Week 25

Ka oha nui mes chers amis from The Marquises - The Land where like all our lessons got cancelled like every day this week (the rain strikes back).

It was "hot" as we say in French (no lie we say "hot" when something's super hard).

But, all of it payed off because we had.... (wait for it)


It's sad that that's the equivalent of a unicorn out here, but it kind of is. Wendy, is a reference of gold, frankly. That might've been the first lesson in the history of Tahiti to be the Preach-My-Gospel-outlined lesson of 45 minutes (1 hour minimum because everyone just loves to chill and talk). It was probably the best-taught lesson I've ever done. AND OH MY GOODNESS THE ENGAGEMENT.

"Will you read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it's true?"

"Yeah definitely."

And it's just that easy!! Oh my word what a welcome outcome. It's been a long time since I've heard an answer like that. What a miracle. And the member that gave us the reference, Soeur Ellys, has already done some awesome as a member integrator. Blessings all over the joint.

But that right there was at the end of the week. Leading up to that it was nothing but dud after dud. Failed lessons and contacting. So what do you do? Well, you "ballade" (mess around/amble in French). Of course responsibly and only after the trial of our faith, but even so we saw this really crazy site where they performed sacrifices back in the day (redone recently for some grand event, and then a storm took down the tree that took down one of the huts), and we scoped out the Catholic cathedral. Oh my jeez the wood-work. The Cathedral's obviously Catholic, but very much  in the Marquesian style with all the wood and stone. Really cool. And then on Sunday we went to the Jehovah's Witness church (obviously not during our sacrament meeting). Super enlightening to see other people and how they do their thing.

Best of luck to all until next week,
Elder Harrah


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