'Tis the Season- Week 24

Ka oha nui once again from The Marquesas - where all the white people seem to come for the Winter.

This week was definitely better than last, as we actually had some work. And frankly, we've had a whole lot of Inception (investigators engaging themselves). This dude we've been seeing for a while named Denis said, at the end of our lesson and without being asked, "I'm gonna read some more about this Lephi (not a typo, that's what he said) dude before the next lesson." This old dude we see named Lucien, who is never afraid to say what he thinks and is super humble and way too wise, asked us, "When's you guys' mass? Am I allowed to come to that?" And what's more, he said if anybody gives him a hard time about it (people already have for the two times we've had a lesson with him; it's disturbing how fast news travels in this town), he's gonna be like, "Yeah I'm becoming a Mormon. You got a problem with that?" just to see their reaction. Too funny.

And after the easiest fast of my life (I was surprised by my good fortune on that one), Celestine and her family came to church! I was ecstatic. And they said that they'd only come for sacrament but they ended up staying for more. It was like, really natural for them to be there. Celestine participated in Sunday school and everything. All reluctance quickly turned. I sincerely hope that this'll become a frequent thing. We're trying to involve them even more by having the kids come and play basketball with us. This dude in our ward, Coco, has a team of all-chicks that kind of kick trash, so they make Poirier and I look pretty wretched at basketball, but it's usually a good time nonetheless.

So many miracles this week. Apart from having lessons, investigators progressing, prayers being answered, and me giving a talk in sacrament that everybody said was super good and that Coco cited a bajillion times in his talk and in his Sunday school lesson, the craziest thing of all happened.

Poirier and I are in the office counting up the tithing, right? (the second counselor had abandoned his post and the president was busy) The numbers on everybody's slips adds up to like 58,000 Francs, but when we count the money we have 59. Somebody added like a 1000 extra. I counted it again. 59. We looked over the papers to check and make sure it was really 58, and it was. Poirier counted it. 59. We looked over the papers to see whose it could've been, and were having no luck. We counted it again. 59. We counted it again. 59. We weren't sure what to do and whose it was, and Poirier idlely counted it again (this time from lowest to highest) and - HANG ON. We counted it again. 58. No lie, it was 58,000. Without skipping a beat, Poirier was like, "Well, I guess the Lord took care of that one. Thanks Heavenly Father," and got right back to work. Say what you will, but I vote I witnessed a miracle.

Such a blessing to have a better week this week than last and to see the hand of the Lord so thoroughly in my life. I hope everyone's doing well, and I hope this was, at the very least, somewhat entertaining to read.

Lots of love,
Elder Harrah

P.S. - Poirier and I now have more inside jokes than we can count, and talk about Star Wars and Michael Jackson and make fun of white people on like a daily basis now. Just thought I'd throw that out there

-one of the many cruise ships that's been here this week
-it's blurry because it was so far away and I used my zoom but the cruise ship at night. The way my hand shook the lights kind of look like music
notes, so that's cool I guess
-no lie, this fruit just grows on the tree like that. And when you cut slices, they're stars


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