Living on a Prayer-- Week 52

Ia ora na from Papeete everyone!

This week was awesome because we were working hard and got the Standard of Excellence! This is the first time I've had it in like 7+ months, so it feels really good. We got 26 lessons this last week. We've been doing some really good work.

Lessons at the temple might still be my favorite though. We've got a couple fixed this week that I'm really excited for.

Not a whole much else to say though, other than I'm enjoying life and I love my new companions (we live with our zone leaders and it's pretty awesome. We're going to take a "family photo" soon haha).

Halfway there,
Elder Harrah

-not gonna lie, I enjoy this quite a bit
-seeing old friends again

-Poirier looks accidentally stoned
-Erptimus Prime


  1. Awesome, hope it goes well this week !!! Have fun!


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