Explaining a Thrift Shop to a Tahitian--Week 53

Ia ora na tatou from Tahiti - the land where I saw Kelly Slater today

This week we got the Standard of Excellence again, and it was 26 lessons again. Who knew man? We worked REALLY hard to get that this week though. This week was kinda tough. We had lots of people cancel, but we worked super hard anyways. We even met the challenge set by President Bize to get 12 member lessons (we got 15!) (also, President sets challenges from time to time to push the missionaries).

Other than that, I'd say the most noteworthy thing was what happened today - we went to the Billabong Pro! After narrowly missing it when I first came on a mission, we went and saw it today. Check that one off the bucket list. We pull up in our boat, and who's the guy standing on the boat literally right next to us? Kelly. Slater. I could not believe it. And no lie, HE WAVED TO ME. SPECIFICALLY. Absolutely nuts.

And as a bonus - this week we were helping this innactive family in our ward build their house, and as we did it, they played Thrift Shop, and my companion couldn't stop singing it! It was all fun and games, until I had to explain what the song was about. Quite frankly, the concept of a thrift shop kind of doesn't exist here. Taurere was all about it, and wished that there was one here. Culture-ness I s'pose.

Coveting is a sin (so don't covet my Billabong Pro-attendence >:) ),
Elder Harrah

-the man himself, in the most regal pose

-family picture (only Ford and I actually wear glasses, but we made everybody where them for this picture)
-this is a bad picture because it doesn't show us working. This was a different day we came. I promise we actually showed up and worked)
-the view from their roof


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