Following in the Steps of My Marquisian Ancestors-- Week 50

Ka oha nui for possibly the last time from the Marquises (I'm still holding out for my becoming an assistant and choosing my last sector) - un endroit vraiment sp├ęciale, qui change la vie.

As with other Marquisian Elders who have gone before me (Elder Heno, Elder Poirier), I am to be transferred "en ville" to Papeete 1; a sector where I will be serving at the visitor's center of the temple. I had always said how I'd like to serve there (in an attempt to see all aspects of missionary work and life), and I suppose this is my chance.

I am very lucky, as this time around the boat was here right on time (we put my stuff on it this morning and it gets to Tahiti on Friday), and I'm not leaving until Thursday. This gives me a bit of time to say goodbye, and I am very grateful that such is the case, as it isn't always like that.

I'm excited to keep moving forward and to meet new people to serve, but at the same time this is a little gut-wrenching. It sort of feels like leaving home all over again. It's almost as if I'd set up another life here, with a completely different language, people with a completely different mentality, and really a whole family found in our little branch. I thought I could hold myself together when I gave my final remarks in sacrament meeting this week, but I was a bit mistaken.

There's a famous quote/Smashing Pumpkins song to describe this week, but I'm not so sure I want to include it here (I feel like it might be a bit cheesy). Brownie points if somebody can find it, I suppose.

My new sector is going to be super far from what I've been doing out here, for sure. Getting back to Tahitian slang and the Tahitian mentality, living in the city, having air-conditioning, and serving with a Tahitian companion; Elder Taurere (tow-reh-reh, for all you white folk).

"... if ye are prepared, ye shall not fear."
-Doctrine & Covenants 38:30

Hoping everyone is still doing well,
Elder Harrah

The view from the cross...


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