Another Quickie- Week 29

Ka oha nui all my friends from the Marquesas - the land where things have been tough with our investigators, contacting has been useless, and we've just had an all-around week of hard work and not a whole lot of new stuff.

A bright spot this week was the power of hymns though. The French version of Verses 3 and 4 of How Firm a Foundation kind of wiped me out when we sang it in sacrament meeting this week:

(translated by me)

"I am your savior, your ultimate rescue
I am with you to guide you always
In the face of the adversary, I will render you strong
I want to, in your trial, bless your efforts.

When you face fear and evil
you will not be vanquished by their weight
for to bless you, I will be close to you
and in your distress I will support you"

Elder Harrah

-a picture from Aakapa
-sunset stuff again
-Jehovah's Witness doctrine had me like---

-"The Stairs" from Lord of the Rings. No lie there was somebody who lived up that sheer, crazy cliff (not Shelob)

-"I saw a pillar of light"
(more Aakapa)


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