"That Dweam Wivin a Dweam"- Week 30

Ka oha nui from the Marquesas - the land where pirates probably buried their treasure, only we didn't find it when we went hiking.

This week was significantly better than last week in terms of troop morale. We've still been doing a whole bunch of fruitless and tiring contacting, but we actually had a lesson with Kelly this week, so that was good. Best of all was this lesson we had with this lady we met from contacting (maybe not as fruitless as I thought!) named Suzanne and her son Carl, who is kind of deaf but reads lips like no other. It was the classic Lesson One and the Spirit was so strong it wasn't even funny. They agreed with a lot of stuff we said, and they said we made more sense than the teachers of their own religion! I'm really hoping they'll pray and act on what they feel. The laziness can be pretty bad here.

Things are going better with our branch too. Our new first counselor and the new ward clerk are really helping to get things going. I just hope it'll be enough and in time for Pearson and Bize. They're actually preparing a dance for them, so we'll see how that goes.

"...in me is thine help."
Hosea 13:9

Elder Harrah

(I found the black and white function on my camera and went a little nuts)

(I did this artistic blurry nonsense a couple of times)

-this guy carved this warrior out of wood. no big deal. And it looks like he did this like really intricate painting job, but really he just used like a Sharpie. Nailed it.

-we ate lobster like three times this week. It ain't even nobody's birffday yo!
-porting the "sin" tag today


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