"Oti-Freakin-Roa!"--Week 70

(this week's title brought to you by Elder Bradshaw)

This week was long. Not hard or painful, but it just seemed long. I think it was the rain honestly.

Last Monday we had to prepare our skit for the Christmas party this coming week, and we've got something pretty funny coming on. Soeur Bize and I established a camera crew that's going to film our sketches and musical numbers from this Christmas party, so I should be able to send you guys a link soon. That and a link to my visitor's center video (which we wrapped shooting on!) when I've finished editing it. If I'm magic, I'll have it ready by next Monday. Doubt it, mais bon.

Tuesday - First time my companion's ever gone contacting. The first guy at the first house we talked to went from saying he was busy (translation - sitting on his porch) and telling us to look elsewhere in the neighborhood, to listening to our message, accepting a Book of Mormon, and asking for our website. "It was pretty cool, I guess."

Wednesday - Regular day.

Thursday - Had that meeting with Soeur Bize, ate this chicken with lemon sauce (my favorite Chinese thing they have here), and then did a bunch of lessons.

Friday - Did weekly planning (because we didn't have time yesterday). It rained a lot. Then at the end of the evening we finished shooting the movie.

Saturday - work.

Sunday - Edited the movie with the slow computer. "Our tech team" is currently researching a way to get rid of the mysterious "$RECYCLE.BIN" virus. I think it will clear up so many gigs of information it's not even funny.

Today - have to rehearse our unscripted skit.

That's all I've got dudes. I don't have the most spiritual stuff to share either. Other than a repeated encouragement to keep reading scriptures, and of course the ol' Merry Christmas.

See you all later,
Elder Harrah

-this lady sent me these pictures, and since I never seem to get to send pictures when I'm at the visitor's center (that computer is still slow. Still have viruses to clear up), you guys get this one. It's my companion and I at perhaps our least attractive.


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