Transfers Again-- Week 68

So today we played the airport game. Got up and went straight to work. Got Frazer and Sekeme off a boat, gathered their stuff, put it at the OVERSTUFFED BUREAU because this is the hugest transfer ever and lots of people are going home (Ford, Paxman, and Lo'Amanu included), grabbed Frazer and took him to the airport, waited for Elder Hanson's new companion, then had to wait for Elder Larsen, then had to go give blood, then my vein broke, then we did it in the other arm, then we dropped off Soeur Andersen's stuff, then we went home, had to find the keys, and now here we are finally at the center! It was a crazy day. I was planning on writing no one (I was being a grown up with Elder Hanson and taking care of all this nonsense), but then I got the chance. So, sorry if I don't get to everybody.

This week, we didn't get a lot of lessons, but we progressed a lot on the movie. We've only got like two or three scenes left. It's looking pretty good. I also showed the preview at this week's Conseil des Dirigeants and it went down super well. I also showed everybody the command prompt to get rid of the shortcut virus off of USBs (everyone in this mission is infected). We also got our service calendar figured out (a custom one done by yours truly based off of the church's Light the World 25 Days Service Calendar, but made specifically for our mission and our missionaries) and presented at the Conseil. I've been super busy. (also that's why we gave blood, it's on the church's calendar. Which, by the way, is a great directive that EVERYONE should participate in)

In terms of transfer news - Elder Heckmann, my son, is going out to the island of Rangiroa, and I will, get this, be getting another son. I will be training AGAIN. So I'll still be just as busy if not more for the forseeable future. Also, I've been here for 4 1/2 months now, I'm training again (and they won't leave the visitor's center with a brand new missionary so I'll surely stay for the whole 3 months), and then I have to train the new center guy, which means I will be spending the next 4 1/2 months here, meaning I will have been here for a grand total of 9 months. Holey moley.

Until next week,

Elder Harrah


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