Nothing. REALLY.--Week 92

This week was an even bigger blur than the last one! I really can't even remember what happened. We've just been working hard every single day.

Raimanu's younger sister, Kahealany, is one of our fixed baptisms right now, and she was supposed to get baptized this last weekend, but it was decided that she wasn't quite ready. We want to work on her testimony a little bit more first.

The other fixed baptisms right now are Junior and Tekau (the couple from Paopao that Elder Davis had taught before), but they're having a hard time sticking to their date. They've been putting off lessons too, and now she's sick. I just wish we could actually get a chance to see them to help them out, but there you go.

Craziest thing that happened this week was the transfer. No one on Moorea is moving. But that being said - this transfer is only three weeks long! Ladies and genltemen, President and Soeur Bize are actually going home on June 11/12, and that's when President Fox is coming in. Then, his first transfer there is going to be two months long! And what's more, it will be my last. I was talking with President Bize last night and he mentioned that I would surely be going in three weeks. Of course it's subject to change, but for what he's got planned right now, that's what's going to happen. He said that he "needs me somewhere else". That got me pumped! I love Moorea, but I can't wait to go to one more place and have one more new stretch of life. Here's hoping.

Peace, love, and temple marriage,

Elder Harrah

-Went and saw another wedding show.  These guys payed a bit more, so they got to ride in/on the throne.  


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