"no guilt in life, no fear in death. this is the power of Christ in me."-- Week 93

What a long week! Well, it went kind of quickly, but each day was so long. So much to do, despite so many people cancelling. We have so many people to see right now. Super blessed.

Highlights of the week were rushing to get our baptism figured out by the end of the week (getting the interview done, finishing the last few lessons) and Frazer showing up.

Once upon a time, Elder Simon Michael Frazer from the island of Santo, Vanuatu served in the sector of Haapiti with Elder Jordan's dad; Elder Lasson. He was there for a while and got pretty popular in both Haumi and Haapiti, and when a little girl at Haumi wanted him to baptize her, he couldn't say no, and Kahealany (our baptism) had always wanted Frazer to baptize her, and, well, you get the rest... taxi driver.

Let it be known, Frazer is my hero. He showed up and engaged a bunch of our investigators like nobody's business. No fear. And yet this is the same guy who caught cats and killed birds with Elder Lasson. I don't know how he does it!

The challenge for this month was to get a bunch of new investigators, but this week we gunned super hard for four that just crapped out on us. It was pretty rough.

Also, this week marked the beginning of the island-wide missionary concerts, and we were politely not invited. We'll try and go down for the concert when it makes it's way to Papeete.

also, this week's title brought to you by an Owl City song, if you can believe it. Really like it, actually. Something for everybody to reflect on.

Elder Harrah

This was a family home evening about eternal families and being linked to our Heavenly Father and our families thanks to baptism and sealing.

Went and planted some taro in Frère Bonno's garden, and then played some petanque. Also they made a big ol' rock stand up straight.


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