Father of the Bride--Week 91

(this is funny because our investigator's dad wasn't there; it was her step-dad)

We did so much work this week! I know everyone's probably getting super tired of hearing me say that, but it's true. There aren't anymore new cultural stories really, it's just missionary work now, and the craziest being the two baptisms and the wedding we had this weekend. Raimanu and Tamara had pushed back their wedding from the 28th of April, but now they couldn't be better. Their whole relationship is doing better now, and seeing them at church in their new clothes this last Sunday couldn't have been better.

We also went to support this innactive member at the Tiki Village (it's where he works) and we saw this traditional marriage ceremony thing that they do for the tourists there. It was pretty fun. There was even a small gallery of Paul Gaugain's paintings.

Zone Conference

A book of matches

Also, I found a zapper.

Hanging with Soeur Johnson and her family.


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