us: "what were your expectations in accepting the missionary lessons?" investigator: "you guys came to me!"--Week 95

Such a long week.

Our guide got sick. No motu.

Full day of work. Lots of lessons (and the title of this week's email. )

Went to Tahiti for the last multi-zone conference. Just depressing mostly... wrote a nice note in Soeur Bize's journal.

Elder Rybin (one of our zone leaders) took my place at Moorea for the day. I went with his companion, Elder Toriki (Dieutre's trainer) into their sector; Tahara'a. The highlight was the lesson at the end of the day. Met this really potential investigator who has been 100% prepared by the Lord for baptism. He's already been reading the Book of Mormon. We invited him to be baptized that night and he said yes. Really nice after a day of next to no success.

Went and saw one last local marriage in an attempt to keep Manari and Vaimiti enthusiastic. I love them a lot. Also went and saw some references. And dont worry, transfer calls didn't happen this night. They had to push it to the next day, during the day (not in the evening as usual).

Got the call right in the middle of me bearing a testimony in a lesson. My companion answered. I’m going to Hitiaa (a sector on the presqu'île, my place of missionary birth). I have a special assignment. Since 30 missionaries are going home on August 14 (I'm to imagine the airport that night), the rising generation (namely Bradshaw's) is going to have to be the zone leaders and trainers of tomorrow. I am now a "coach". My job is to pass on my experience and expertise to Elder Blater so that he can be a leader, and then, with this errand of mercy done, die on the presqu'île. Such is my fate. Now it is sealed.

(Seriously though, everyone from my promotion is coaching this transfer. Either that or they're currently a zone leader. Elder Isabell is coaching Elder Bradshaw!)

That night we ate with DMP and Patrice and said some goodbyes. Elder Donadier will be going to Bora Bora.

Temple Run. From 1:00 in the afternoon until 8:50 at night, we swept our sector and tried to visit everybody. I also took the time in sacrament to tell everyone how much I love them and to encourage them all to work well with Elder Ivie and Elder Dieutre. I'm once again leaving family. I can't wait to come back after my mission.

Missed a boat, took another one, saw old friends, drove out to the presqu'île, bought some cereal, and am now doing emails. We've got a family home evening in about an hour.

The spiritual bit in all of this is Psalm 73. Brilliant. I found a bit of myself in this one. I think we all will. It really does look like the wicked have got it best, and it's so easy to be deceived, but then you wake up and you realize how false it really is. Please read this, everyone, and try to apply it this week. Change the way you think, and don't covet vanity. Focus on what's really important this week. I know our Heavenly Father's love is real.

Elder Harrah

A note from Ty's mom:

Here is an image of Tahiti showing where Elder Harrah is serving now!


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