A call from the Airport

Hello everyone,
    This is Elder Harrah's mom.  Ty left for Tahiti this morning!  He arrived at the Salt Lake airport and called his dad and I about 11 AM Utah time.  It was so much fun to hear his voice and get to actually talk to him after 6 weeks!  He has been sick with what he called the 'MTC cold'.  He's been up all night coughing, etc.  He didn't sound like his usual perky self.  He said the missionaries had given him a blessing last night and that he felt much better today, so hopefully it will pass quickly.  
    He told us that he and his district had done a musical number in sacrament meeting on Sunday where they sang A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief.  They sang the first verse in Tahitian, the next 2 verses in French, and the last verse in English.  I wish I could have been there to see it!  It makes me teary just thinking about it.  Apparently the Spirit was very strong.   He also said that the more he learns about the Tahitian people, the more he loves them.  I am sure that love will be even more magnified when he is actually among them.  He heard that when a new group of missionaries arrives, they are greeted with a little concert put on by the Islanders.  It sounds heavenly!!
    After we talked this morning, he flew to Los Angeles.  He was able to call us again from the airport there.  This time, his sisters were home and he was able to talk to each of them for a few minutes.  As we speak, he is on the plane to Papeete with 21 other missionaries!  He will arrive at 9:30 PM tonight.  (That will be 1:30 AM Utah time.)  He said he is a little nervous and very excited to get there.  Alyssa, (his sister) told him he wouldn't be nervous as soon as he saw the beach. :)
   So that is the update on Elder Harrah for now.  I am not sure when his P-day will be or when he will be able to send us an email again, but when he does, I will put it up on the blog.  Thank you to everyone for your letters and your prayers on Ty's behalf!  He said that it is so good to hear from everyone and he appreciates it very much.  I will post his mailing address as soon as I know what it is, but for now you can email him at the address at the top of the page.
   As we were saying goodbye on the phone, he said "Don't forget me and don't forget the church is true!"  He said as he left the MTC, everyone was saying "Go out there and give 'em Heaven!"  I thought that was cute.

Until next time,

PS:  Ty got his new camera AND he got the old one working!  So we ought to have a bunch of photos from Tahiti next time!!  I CANT WAIT!!


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