First P-Day in the Marquesas- Week 20

Hello my friends! Before the good stuff, on to the wrap-up in Toahotu...

Ia ora na encore from Tahiti! The land where I was on a split for my last few days and this chick like bro/basketball butt-patted me and told me I have pretty eyes... um, yeah.

We ran into some Americans! Only not just Americans - Mormons! I was never so happy in all of my life to see one-piece swim suits.

Also, I found myself in the lair once again; the place where every missionary wishes they were - THE MAIL ROOM. I feel like I've been there the most out of every missionary besides the assistants (from going into town for my being sick and stuff).

Then I spent the night in Faa'a. The missionaries' house here is really nice and has this cool view.

When your airplane terminal is like, a roof...

All them islands man! Or, spits of land. Either way

-Jurassic Park
-landed in St. George, Utah
-drove through Forks, Washington

-The Shire
-The Grand Canyon

-our village
-dude is that our house?
-the view I wake up to each day

full details and stories (including going fishing) next time! Sorry peeps. Internet is kind of slow out here and I didn't have all the time I needed... 

Note from Ty's mom:  Sorry about the late post, but we have been moving this week and haven't had internet access.


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