The Secret Life of Bize- Week 22

Ka oha nui encore from the Marquesas - "The Land of Men" (in Marquesian).

This week was definitely not as filled with lessons as last week. We had some heavy rain this week, and let me tell you, islanders get LAZY in the rain. People just cancel lessons and sleep like nobody's business. We went contacting all day after this crazy storm, and we barely talked to one guy. But the important thing is that we were out and working.

In terms of crazy miracles, when it rains here, our water gets really dirty. That's for our shower and our laundry. And then that night our power went out too (around midnight. For some reason I stirred awake and I heard the fan go off). Then, at like two in the morning, I woke up and needed to go to the bathroom. I hit the lightswitch and no light (I didn't think things through at two in the morning), so halfway asleep and in the bathroom, I just sort of casually prayed that tomorrow we'd have the power back and clean water. No lie like three seconds after my halfway-asleep prayer the lights came on. And the next morning we had clean water. I was speechless.

Apart from that, the big event that happened this week was the arrival of President Bize. He came out to our island to see how the branch was doing, as well as the missionary work. And no lie he like, slept in our house and bought us the expensive good cereal and was in pajamas and stuff. It was rather crazy.

Also, he did the annual interview with us, and in mine he gave me this paper that was like, my missionary stats and me compared to the average. I was above in like all areas but one. And he was sure to point out to me that I did that in a really hard sector, and just at the beginning of my mission and I strengthened my companion who had nothing but crappy companions before and told me how awesome he thought I was and lots of other praise I didn't deserve.

Honestly, President Bize is kind of magic. We went and saw investigators with him, and one family in particular that I didn't have a lot of hope for, he just turned them completely around. It was insane.

And that's all for this week friends. Apai until next time (goodbye).


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