Waterfall- Week 14

Hello my friends! 

Yet another letter from Tahiti; the land where the Young Women think every missionary is smoking hot (just by sheer nature of his being white, and a servant of the Lord maybe), the Young Men think we're the flyest dudes alive, and all the kids think we're actual superheroes. The adults too. Like, for reals.

This week was better than last. Finally got to see Kevin, and he's doing much better. He unfortunately moved his date, but it was only to like a week later, and he actually attended this other baptismal service we invited him to (and that I had to speak at) so that was highly reassuring. We've finally got some new investigators, and I think we've got some potential. This one chick, Vaianui, is really commited, just from the first lesson, and I'm really excited to see what becomes of it.

A really hard experience though was when we met with one of our investigators. We came over and it was a bad time, so we peaced out. Then when we came back later in the day, she told us about how she just couldn't do the gospel in her life right now. Her trials had just been building and building since last we'd seen her. She was crying. And so was I. No lie, we were both crying. Like, a lot. Some of the things she talked about and thoughts she was having hit so close to home for me. My heart broke for her, because I knew how hard some of the things she was saying could be. I felt so bad for her and wanted to hug her so bad, but instead I just comforted her and reassured her. Honestly I don't remember all the things I said. I was really speaking by the Spirit on that one. And we just reassured her  and implored her to pray and partake of the peace that only the gospel can give. Hopefully she'll do it, because goodness does she need it.

I'm still doing just great. My spider count is still at 2, so that's good. It's super sunny now, and it gets kind of hot from time to time. Yeah we've already had our first transfer and I've stayed in the same area. Transfer #2 is on December 28 I believe, so we'll see where that gets me. Honestly I want to stay where I'm at. There's still so much to do. 

That's all for this week folks. I hope everybody's still doing well.

Until next time!

-so we go do a lesson at this house that's literally the last house on the trail before you get into trackless jungle, and then we find this waterfall. Just saying.

-we had a geneaology activity at the temple and this was the rickety bus we took to get there


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