The Temple--Week 13

This week we got to go to the temple. I totally did the session in French like a pro.

Not a whole ton new this week besides that, though. Still just been working hard every day and, honestly, struggling a bit. This week's been kind of hard. Our bishop hasn't showed up to any of the splits we've asked him to come on with us, we lost an investigator, we've been having real trouble with our current primary investigators in terms of commitments, we haven't seen Kevin in a while and his mom swore at us when we came trying to find him, and we didn't even meet our goal for lessons taught this week. It's been a little discouraging.

But, what are you gonna do? We just keep going, and keep working, and trying our best. We've been fasting and praying quite a lot, and I've been trying really hard to be more exactly obedient to the rules (#gettingupatexactly6:30) in the hopes that it will show the Lord how much we need the blessings. I feel like all of this is a test of my faith. Even President Bize told me how awesome I was and how this is a hard sector, so I'm really doing just great besides some frustration.
That's all for this week.  Here are some pictures:

Me and Elder Paulsen at the temple.


-I should probably take more than sunset pictures, but do you see that?


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