Having a Baby--Week 56

Pleasantries and introduction = skip

Transfer news came. Elder Taurere is going to go and be a Zone Leader at Punaauia, and I'm going to stay here and be:

-the District Leader of Fariipiti
-the Director of the Visitor's Center at the Temple (and have thus achieved Zone Leader-level at the same time and will go to the great big leader-meeting at President Bize's house each month)
-a trainer

Lot of responsibility coming my way. I'm both nervous and excited. I've been really pondering on whether or not I'll be able to handle it all or whether I'm just too mentally handi-capped to even cope with all that and if my mind will just sort of collapse. I've certainly been praying about it a lot. I think it'll all be okay though. I've made it this far and done lots of other stuff I didn't think I could do, so I might as well do it again.

Our baptisms went just splendidly. I finally had a reason to wear my white tie for the first time! I'd send pictures, but once again we're at the geneaology center doing our emails, and they changed the locks at the visitor's center. Pictures will have to come later.

Also we got the Standard of Excellence again this week. We've gotten it every week since I've been here! I hope I can keep that up with my “son” that's coming in. There are no Tahitian Elders coming in this transfer, so my son will either be French (there's only three Frenchies coming in), American, or German-Spanish (there's one guy that matches this bonkers description. I'm holding out for that guy).

My companion leaves today, but my son doesn't get here until tonight, and we won't get teamed up until tomorrow afternoon, so I'll be rolling with Elder Ford and Elder Elledge for a bit, and tonight we're actually going to the airport to help pick up the new missionaries! It's made me super nostalgic about my first night here.

Faaitoito pour la suite (difficult to translate but it's kind of like "stay strong for what comes next"),

Elder Harrah


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