Went to the Temple-- Week 55

Hey everyone!

This week we got the Standard of Excellence (for the fourth week in a row), but it's been really hard. Our numbers weren't as obscenely high as the other weeks. This is kind of a rough sector. Still trying to find a good way to get our ward moving.

We went to the temple this week, and honestly it was almost life-changing. All the doubts and hardships that have been building up over the last like 8 months and were all completely silenced in one morning. I literally received direct responses from the Lord to all my nagging questions and insecurities. We had to go the early morning and I was super tired, but I got out of that temple and I felt like I had just had a good night's sleep and could take on the world. It was truly miraculous.

Church is true dude. There's just no other explanation.

And I'm thankful to my loving Heavenly Father for looking out for me while I'm out here. I've really seen specific answers to my prayers this week, even down to little moments of "Heavenly Father, please help me to speak and survive this conversation. I don't know what to say and am too awkward to even handle this. Please help me." Truly amazing.

This week was really eventful temporally as well though. I met the stone and tile dude for the rennovations on the temple who has what might be one of the most magnificent beards I've ever seen (I'd send a picture, but we're at the geneaology center again).

Will finally have our baptism this week (Wednesday) despite a lot of drama. Our two investigators, my companion and I decided we're getting cake for just us and nobody else.

Also, there's an ant problem at our house, but not in our kitchen. It's in the bathroom. And don't worry, last night, everybody managed to get bit in THAT region. Classy. It was honestly really funny and entertaining when I forgot the pain of getting stung by a Red Ant on my "self". Ford got the worst of it though. He had 11 bites in various parts of his body. When I get a chance, I will send a picture of him where 10 of the 11 are visible.

Hope everybody has a good week this week,

Elder Harrah


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