Boring or: The Usual (Suspects)-- Week 61

This week has been the hugest blur.

The highlight was definitely our zone's family home evening. It's transfer season again (a little early because the batch of newbies is coming in early), and we had some people peacing out in our zone, so we decided to eat together, and Elder Tekurio (being the stud that he is) had like a nice spiritual thought that had us all sentimental about our zone and the time that we'd spent together. It's one of the perks of being a missionary on Tahiti. You just get to see more of your "family". Also Mexican food. Lots of Mexican food.

Elder Lloyd is getting sent home (we still don't know what's wrong with him and he is just not getting better). I'm really sad to see him go. It's been so fun having him around the house. The people in our house right now (that is to say Elders Hanson, Ford, Heckmann, and Lloyd) are a really great group, and it's honestly what's helped me to get through some days this week. It's something to look forward to at night.

Work's been stressful. Or rather, work has been the source of my stress. Nothing particularly bad's been happening with work that has rendered it "stressful work", I'm just stressed and it's because of work. I've just been trying to pray and hold on sometimes.

Things are going well at the center though. I downloaded the trial version of this one editing software. It's better than Movie Maker. If it's not totally lame, I might get President to buy me the full version (it's not too expensive). Still need to start shooting on the video I want to do though.

Life's still good though. I'm happy, even if I feel overloaded with work. And the scriptures are still awesome and the church is still true, so I guess it's not all bad :)

Elder Harrah

-also here's the picture from last week because apparently it didn't work


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